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  1. Please check, I purchased this, but it appears to delete all waypioints in all flights when you save a flight! The only way to fix things is a reinstall, I do not know if there is w aworkaround
  2. Vox Atc for P3dv4 is wiping ALL of my waypoints in all of my files when I save a game. meaning when i exit the sim and come back later to fly I am winding up flying a great circle course to nowhere, I have tried disabling my virus scanner thinking it might be that, but no joy. I am now reinstalling has anyone encountered this and is there a workaround (such as disabling vox atc before saving?) I have advised VOx Atc and LM
  3. I had a problem, which i fixed by reinstalling p3d, that when I save a scenario, and exited P3dv4, and came back later in the day, all of my waypoints were missing and I was on a great circle flight to nowhere. Never had this problem before, and I have not had it since I reinstalled but have not tried to save with Voxatc enabled either! Any feedback, guys/ Thanks Cathy
  4. Yes, no problem, however I am re-installing because P3edv v4 will not save waypoints, Noit< I suspect a vox issue but a corrupted sim as some of my planes re not loading either
  5. Will Vox ATC work with My traffic for P3D4 once released, and does anyone know if it will work with current WOAI?
  6. Meant to enable replies, so, what about P3dv4 and UT2 or UT live?
  7. Yes, it helps a lot, thanks. I will try it tomorrow, I had to have a tooth out yesterday and am on heavy painkillers, and sedatives, so not firing on all thrusters at present
  8. Does the Captain set climb power, or METO, or will the FE do it automatically? Thanks
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