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  1. Hello, Just got my first headset (Reverb G2) and was wondering which aircraft was best between FFA320 and TOLISS for VR in term of performance ? Thank you
  2. Don't know if this is because of the beta but tried a night landing at Justsim LFLL with Active Sky XP and with a dense fog, a literally black "tiled" ground appeared at 100ft above the ground with no runway light..
  3. Thank you for the drag tip..that's great 🙂 BTW, do you have any idea why P3D would not accept the settings on a secodnary monitor ?
  4. Hi, My setup is an OLED TV 48' together with a side 23' 1080p monitor which I use for icons and maps etc. Yesterday, I decided to select the second 23' monitor as my main display in Windows 10 in order to prevent the taskbar from showing on my OLED display (keeping it full black when no sim are running...). I have no issue with MSFS or XP11 but with P3D, whenever this 23' monitor is selected as the Windows main display, the sim would load in 1920x1080 and there is no way to select the sedonc monitor (my OLED TV) in the P3D display settings... I can see both display showing (RTX2080.0 and RTX2080.1) in the list but whenever I selct the second monitor with 4K res, it won't save it and always return to the main monitor in 1920X1080... meaning I can always move the main P3D window in full screen on my OLED TV but the resolution will be in 1080p... Does anyone experience the issue before and could help me ? Thank you, Greg
  5. Don't forget this is all Marketing.... if they announce a 3080 with 20GB of Vram, everyone will stop buying the current 3080.... 😉
  6. The CX is the way to go... amazing flying at night....
  7. Would you replace a 2080Ti by a 6900XT ? I understood that Nvidia is better supported by flightsims ? Maybe not true anymore.. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I currently have an OLED TV attached to my RTX 2080Ti and manage to have good performance in any sim.... my question is, will I suffer performance losses if I plug in a second (side) monitor 1920x1080 to display Navigraph or any other thing while flying ? Thank you Greg
  9. Got the LG OLED 48CX back in July and love it !
  10. Hi Rob, I thought you were only simming on OLED TV since your last LG CX55 purchase ?
  11. Well... I actually revert to both display on the RTX as there was some weird black square showing on the send screen every time I was clicking on my main (Flightsim) display...
  12. Hi, I have an OLED TV plugged into my RTX2080Ti and just plugged in a second monitor (a very basic 24' 1920x1080) fir Navigraph and other stuff.... Initially I plugged the second monitor to my Nvidia RTX but then realized that my Intel i7 9700K had an integrated GPU So I plugged the second screen to the motherboard. Was it the right thing to do in order to avoid putting more strain on my RTX ?... and/or are there any drawbacks on using the Intel GPU together with the Nvidia one ? Thank you, Greg
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