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  1. Hi, Finally received my LG OLED CX 48'.... very very pleased... Size is perfect for flying and image is crisp. The dawn/night flying is a new experience and the HDR activated both from Windows and P3D brings a great atmosphere...
  2. Overall pleased with HF2 especially the fix regarding silver lining around trees and aircraft with EA on.... BUT, there is still rain in VC.... come one LM, this is one of the top visual issues that should have been fixed...imho
  3. I have the Hotas Warthog which have indeed external metal build and are very reliable (with the Monstertech mounting plates) ... however, flying only Airbus (ok a bit of PMDG NGuX), I ordered straight away the throttles and joystick as well as 2 desktop mounting plates... can't wait for the flaps and spoilers add-ons too !!! At last we can get some affordable Airbus sticks and the throttles that look very good. I just wish TM had launched an airbus stick that could mount on the Warthog base...
  4. Hi Rob, You mean 4K at 120 Hz right ? You would refer to 10 as the color bits which then would need 40 Gbits/sec (48 Gbits/sec would be for 4K at 120Hz and 12 bits color). Beside that, I noticed in one of your last video that you were using Vsync ON in P3D. How is that ? I though having a Gsync compatible display (even though the Lg is 40-240Hz Gsync compatible) would work without having Vsync enable... Would be great if you could confirm. Thanks, Greg
  5. Well if you have rudder pedals (I know you do as we got the same MFG's), you can use the stick rotating function as a tiller for ground ops... works great.
  6. I should still be fine and enjoy Truesky 4.2 with my RTX 2080 Ti 11Gb then...
  7. Well my room is only 10 m2 so I would sit 2.6ft from the display.... I believe I should wait for the 48'... thanks for your advise.
  8. Thanks guys for your answer. Well, I currently use a LG 43UD79 which is a LCD 43' 4K at 3840x2160 but the idea was to have something slightly larger with deeper blacks when flying at night.... As I am also flying during day light and as I said 2 windows behind me, I was thinking the Samsung QLED 95T would be better with its anti-glare shield... The LG 48CX would be a good choice in term of size but because of image retention and reflective display I was then considering the Q95T...as it seems it provides also deep blacks.... 55' may be an issue though.... can't decide.
  9. I have been following this topic as I was, until last week, sure to order the LG OLED CX 48' as soon as it comes out. Now having read about the "possible" burn-in issue and considering that my room is rather bright with 2 windows facing the display, I have been looking at alternative. For the same price the latest Samsung QLED 55' Q95T seems very good and close to OLED in term of picture quality (blacks, colorfull). On top of that, it has a very efficient anti-reflective layer... My only issue is that I am sitting 30 inches away from the display and I am afraid 55' may be too big. I am not doing much fps game, mainly flight sim... However from time to time, I am doing a bit of browsing, excel sheets.... Any advise would be very welcome 🙂 Thank you. Greg
  10. Hello, Does anyone know if P3D v5 supports 10-bits color ? If it does, are there any drawback at selecting 10-bits in the Nvidia CP over 8-bits ? In conjunction, would 444 be chose over 32bits ? Thank you for your help, Greg
  11. Don't like it either.... it's kind of take the $/€ but don't want to hear from you. Not surprised though...
  12. Hi Rob, Had the same message so signed in to the Microsoft Insider Program (took me 1 minute), selecting then "low" in the insider level to make sure I would stick to stable monthly updates, and then I could update to 2004 easily. I don't regret it, as I have gained 0.5GB of usable vram in P3D.. otherwise, no issues at all. Greg
  13. pao

    Vsync ?

    Hello, I have noticed that with the latest HF1, Vsync checked in P3D had no effect.... never experienced this before. I have a RTX2080Ti and Vsync is set to "Application settings" in the NCP..... Do we really have to check it via the Nividia NCP and for what reason would it be without effect if checked in P3D ? Thank you, Greg
  14. Am surprised.... did you have the windows opened though ?
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