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  1. Well I must admit that after flying the 737 and 777, it is very difficult flying the 747. Even though I flew the 747 before 737 and 777 and then it was brilliant, it will be awesome to get an updated version of the 747. There has been talk about 747v2, so lets see, maybe this will be a surprise for us...
  2. Hey Guys, Just want to tell you that I love the Boeing 747, the only problem is after flying and loving the 737 and 777 and mastering them it is really difficult to fly the 747. It would be awesome if the queen of the skies was just like the 737 and 777... Any news on the update??? I think it is 747 V2??? Thanks
  3. What I find helps me a lot is I create the flight plan in my flight plan tool, I use FSC9.3. I then save it and select it from the FMC. I am then able to manipulate it as I wish.
  4. Well lets put it this way, the longer we wait, the more money I can save for 777 and 747v2....
  5. When people mention the 747v2, I get butterflies in my stomach...
  6. Hey Guys, is it not possible to break this file up into smaller chunks, I mean I downloaded this file last night, it took about 6 hours to get to 93%, and obviously it would hang, now I have to download from scratch again. Please advise.ThanksMichael
  7. Hi, Thanks very much, I have installed it and it works well.
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could take the South African Airways 747-400 model for FS2004 and make a FSX version?Please let me know.ThanksMichael
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