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  1. Hmm, this Ipad seems like a good idea, With regards to the manuals, is it easy to add the manuals from PMDG and other company's easily to the device?
  2. Wow, that is awesome, can't wait to play with that in zero vis:rolleyes:
  3. Wow, you made me go back and look at them all again, that was one function i wasn't expecting...I didn't scroll across and see the whole image:unsure:
  4. Thank you very much Andrew, I spent alot of time trying but kept melting my engines:rolleyes:
  5. Great News guys, gonna be a very nice couple of months
  6. haha, i thought it was a new feature to AVSIM that the vidoes pop up:Shocked:
  7. amazing, the only difference is the lighting in some parts, which doesnt really matter anyway
  8. Virgin Blue 737 700 or Qantas 737 800:)
  9. Ahh, gotta love PMDG and there humour :(
  10. Mine is probly going to be frrom YBBN Brisbane --> YSSY or YMML, (Australia) then i might go back to brissy via Adelaide :(
  11. Wow, this is looking great, im really interested in seeing what "gameplay" elements you add.....i love PMDG surprises :(
  12. Wow, can't wait. I only hope you redo the physics and Cockpit for this one, instead of what you did with the -8
  13. The Flight Bag would be awesome, but i doubt they will include it which is a shame. But who knows with PMDG they could give us all a surprise :(
  14. HAHAHAHA Absoulutly brilliant, i think you were taking a stab at my silly mistake, but i liked it :(
  15. "Landing a Boeing 747-400 at Boston with the gears up takes dedication" haha, that was a good one, but i have done that a few times my self :(
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