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  1. Yes, it's frustrating BUT what is clear is that these guys have got OUR best interests at heart here. Respects !
  2. I am not a 'techie', and my system is quite simple and meagre compared to many on here but I wonder why so many experience crashes, freezes etc with the NGX yet, to date, I havent. (am touching wood as I speak... hope I'm not tempting fate here) I use 2 pieces of software which I find invaluable and, I hope they may be of use. FSX Booster http://fsps.737ng.gr/ (they also do other variants depending on what may best suit your pc) and... Advanced System Optimizer v.3 which I obtain from http://store.hermanstreet.com/content/smarthtml/advanced-system-optimizer-pc.php?cmpid=137636&gclid=CL_e96jMu6sCFWMntAod3T0CtQ my advice ? Keep it clean .. and keep it simple Thanks to PMDG .. you've created an amazing piece of kit with the NGX.. and your dedication to simulation AND your customers is amazing !!!
  3. This was a REALLY useful video which you put together very well.. I have recommended it to a lot of people. Thanks for taking the time to put it together .. I really envy your day job ! Thanks again
  4. Hi.. yes I bought this ... its a bit overpriced really but a lot of thought and work has gone into it so I don't begrudge paying too much. It does have a lot of geeky nerdiness to it, but that adds to its appeal. The checklist callouts, PA announcements etc are all quite cool and there are quite a lot of them. The METAR function is a neat idea though I have not checked its accuracy (though I have no reason to believe it shouldnt be). It should be half the price really, but I like it.
  5. Advice please .... I have Track IR4.. can I use this with Ezdok and is that worth buying ? Am using Windows 7 64bit. Thanks
  6. Hi.. when I press 'Addon' in the Windows bar... under PMDG it only shows 'about PMDG' and not the range of options. Can anyone advise please ?
  7. Oh my god.... you need a computer ?????????
  8. Have recently upgraded my system from Vista 32bit to Windows 7 64bit.I use this system almost solely for Flight Sim. I have reinstalled all my sceneries and aircraft without problem ...However, when I try to install PMDG 747 (CD version) I get 'Emulator detected ! Please deactivate virtual drive and emulation software'I am not aware I have any emulation or virtual drive ? I maybe wrong, I'm not computer-literate really. However when I click on 'Device and Printers', I see something called 'Beanbag Emulation Device' which I havent a clue about. Anyway, please help. I've contacted PMDG who said I should email Aerosoft as mine is an original CD copy yet their suggestions and attempts at helping me have proved fruitless.After a week of tearing my hair out over this, I'm desperate to get back in the air, can anyone help please ? I have the download of the new 8i but I can't do anything with it because of my orginal 747X CD problem. I don't know what else to do.Thank youJohnI should add I used a Seagate 1Tb external drive and Microsoft Easy Transfer to back up data before i installed Windows 7, I don't know if that is a factor ? Have not copied any files back from it though. I'm not very computer literate, sorry. I just fly.John
  9. Hi.. please can you help. I have just upgraded to Windows 7 64bit and when I try to reload PMDG 747 it says it has detected an emulator/virtual drive and cannot install.Any advice please ? Thank youJohnp.s. am not very technical so bear with me, thank you.
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