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  1. Hi boys and girls, I am the only one or someone else has the same issue as I do...? Entering address info, card info and click on Submit your order, and then a new page with" Please wait while we process your payment." Immediately after this, I get this:
  2. I was so eager to have this livery in my collection, but in this circumstances I prefer not to anymore. It should be a psychological test when you're signing up for this website 🙂 I respect your work Marius, thanks for doing this for free!
  3. I see no hydraulic pressure on the gauge. Did you pressed the small button beneath the parking brake before engaging the prop brake ?
  4. No line 🙂 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8882449
  5. Meet the clumsy one and observe the line after you post the link here 😎
  6. I am sorry to ask, but I don't know exactly what knob I have to use to change the Decision Height. By default is at 200.
  7. Hello Marius, beautiful liveries! Please consider this one as well 😄 Thank you!! https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/7416847
  8. Thanks alot for the update! Good to know you guys are struggling to make this bird so close to the real one.
  9. Missing Blue Air Airline...Callsign BLUE TRANSPORT - JOR
  10. This will be the most revolutionary software. I can't wait to get in blocks.:)BRGDS,
  11. Nobody mentioned this company... TAROM.
  12. Why there is not Tarom livery on PMDG site? This airline is one of the best airline from East Europe.Thank you!BRGDS, Lucian Vasile
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