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  1. Personally, I think that on many occasions, the U.S system works better, as with land-and-hold-short operations, when multiple aircraft can be issued landing clearances without having to wait for the runway to be clear. How extensively are you planning to implement these regional differences?Ilari
  2. JD, that's exactly what i'm saying. There are many more differences as well, such as "line up runway xx" instead of "runway xx taxi into pos and hold" and "descend to" instead of "descend and maintain". If you want to know more, just ask.Ilari
  3. Hi again everyone,These are small things, but they would futher increase realism if implemented: (forgive me for nitpicking or whatever it's called...)- Make only US air carriers use flight numbers in group form in synthetic chatter. In reality, non-US carriers use callsigns such as "Finnair four three one", not "four-thirty-one"- Also, at non-US airports, the leading zero in runway designations is not omitted, e.g. "Finnair four three one, wind calm, runway zero four right, cleared for takeoff"- Make ATIS report transition level if not 180. At least I haven't noticed RC ATIS reporting it.Maybe in V4?Greetings,Ilari
  4. Hello,I'm installing RCv3 into Flight Simulator 2004 and would like to know if there is any way to prevent the installer from overwriting FSUIPC. Please help!Ilari
  5. I tried out the Radar Contact feature which displays the spoken ATC instructions as text in the advdisp pane. Would it be possible to tweak it so that the spelling would be a bit "eye-friendlier", for example instead of "FIN AIR 1 2 3 FLY HEADING 250", say "Finnair 123, fly heading 250" etc.JD?
  6. Hi,I intend to make a high-quality ATC voicepack for FS2004 and distribute via avsim. Just wanted to confirm that you accept them since there's no category for them.Ilari
  7. I was a beta tester for the game by means of the MS press program and thus got the press gold copy for free (free-lance FS journalist). Just was curious to know if thhe inconsistensy I described had been fixed in the final boxed version, as sometimes not even the press-issued gold code and the box-version are not identical
  8. What kind of incident was there at Tenerife?
  9. Personally, from recent experience observing a Finnair flight into KJFK, I think the U.S system works somewhat better in this regard by avoiding confusions that just might lead to runway incursions. The U.S controllers also seem to be a bit more observant as to proper phraseology. Land-and-hold-short-operations, as Marc described, are just one example of what has to be done to accommodate their traffic volumes -- although I must say it felt strange to be cleared to land following a heavy B767 and -- if memory serves me right -- we touched down while they were still on the rwy!Ilari
  10. Just a thought, if I were cleared into position after landing traffic and there was an arrival approaching the rwy, couldn't it just be told to go around if it got too close?Ilari
  11. Hi again,Nice to know it's supposed to be that way in this version -- that's what I'd thought all along. The ATC and AI are definitely still in need of significant improvement. Must say though, it's way better now than it was in good ol' FS2002. Can't wait for FS2006 or whatever it's going to be called. There's something you need to know.. The Microsoft FS team takes their job with unparalleled pride, enthusiasm and seriousness -- this I know from personal experience beta testing FS2004. That's why I don't understand why some just keep whining. It's an evolution -- not necessarily a revolution every time (although some might say that when ATC/AI were first introduced -- it transforms FS in my opinion)Ilari
  12. Hi all,I wonder if there is something wrong with my FS2004. If there is departing traffic before me, I'm told to taxi into position and hold, but NOT after landing traffic as well, as would be logical. Can somebody check how this works in their versions? The reason is that I'm using an MS-issued press gold version, and was wondering if the box-version works this way too, as I have bought the box-version too and will be installing it instead if it has been changed to work the way I described, although I strongly doubt it.Greetings,Ilari
  13. I'd like to throw in one more question. To what extent does AI interaction appear possible? Can we expect future versions to fully control AI or just keep them out of the way?Ilari
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