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  1. Hi Wojciech I was stuck with the same thing: Over the years, I've purchased so many FSX product and knew that if I made the move to P3D, I'd have to re-purchase most of them - especially PMDG's aircraft - and I have all of them - except the DC-6.. But then I stumbled across XP11 and saw them at the 2015's Fight Sim Conference and thought I'd give it a shot. I really really like it. I do mainly long-haul flights, so the A330 from JarDesign, and the 767 from Flight Factor (FF) is really good. Better, IMO, than any FSX's version (BB, Wilco and Level D). True, they don't have as many airfields as FSX - but FSX is more than 10 yrs old - and XP11 is catching - fast! Also, some of XP11's airfield freeware versions, like TNCM, for example, is nearly as good as FlyTampa (and I have 90% if their product). Currently the only reason i return to FSX is to fly the 747. Period. I'm quite OK using XP11's 737 . Once FF releases their A320, I'd have even less reason to return to FSX. XP11 - and again it's only opinion, just feels more and looks more realistic than FSX - but of course they're a much newer sim. So the comparison is almost unfair. FSX no doubt will always remain the bench mark for everything flight sim. With regards to your 3rd point - I don't care really about model/livery matching - although other aircraft (landing/taking off/taxiing) looks better in FSX. Lastly, FSX has FSInn that I really love. Getting used to Xsqawkbox has been uphill - and still is. If PMDG would ever release their aircraft to the XP11 platform, I think I would permanently close FSX. Hope what I said helped in some way. Warren
  2. Hi Everyone! It's been a long wait - but so so with it - thanks PMDG! I'm trying to download a livery -but can't seem to locate Livery Mgr. Is it inside FSX? If not, where is it? I've tried to download it as I've done with the 747 but it's not working. Thx for your help. Warren :)
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