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  1. Nice story...Zoom what a nice livery...and yes Level-D 767 was an amazing aircraft...i don't what guy of Level-D team do right now? thanks for sharing Phil Tremblay
  2. Hi if a reduce my internet speed thats fix my problem...wow Phil tremblay
  3. Hi Yesterday i remove MSFS of my computer because i was not able to make live weather work after like 2-3 month. MSFS store not working to. I removed the game and try a reinstall...what a mistake now i cannot install the game anymore... a made a short video of what happen : thanks for your help Phil Tremblay
  4. Hi, i like msfs but samethinks for my visual have decrease since august...more blurry ground texture et the object load in front of me. Some people say the main reason is for the xbox release, if it's the reason of the decrease of visuel quality, i cannot beleive in 2020 they are not able to make a game the for pc and make the game for Xbox...two seperate thinks...if the continu the reduce the visuel quality...in two update that will look P3D. Phil Tremblay
  5. HI Your work look very good. i think you should do CYYZ. Flytampa looks great but the problem of Flytampa is performance. If your CYYZ airport looks like your two other airport i think and the performance is better than Flytampa...it think you will have a win product in your hand. Phil Tremblay
  6. One of the best add-ons of all time in the world of flight simulation. Phil Tremblay
  7. Yes i tried like you said...but thats not work... your mods look nice on the screenshot...continu your good work...i will try to fix it..thanks for your help. i dont know if is another mod that disable your mod... Phil Tremblay
  8. like this https://ibb.co/zNvp9d5 thanks Phil Tremblay
  9. Hi A place winter in the community folder but that's not working. Some one have a idea? Phil Tremblay
  10. Same think here...weather in Quebec, Canada is not accurate...it's 3 month old sim so we need to give time to fix it...it is tru that he close the door external development to company like hifi?...because in my opinion it is the best weather add-on... Phil Tremblay
  11. hi my new honeycomb yoke work good with P3D...in x-plane the yoke work in the configuration menu and for the calibration...but when i am in the plane nothing work thanks for your help Philippe Tremblay
  12. The only thing we haven't see is season...i'm from Canada and for my that's very important...anyways i'm sure a 3rd partie developper will do it...and that will be more easy to install...more user friendly than the one do for x-plane... Phil Tremblay
  13. hi a finally decide to buy x-plane. i flightsim since 2003 with fs9/fsx and now p3d and now x-plane. i buy 737 ixeg and this is a master piece. for the weather engine a would wait for active sky xp because in p3d active sky is the best...and don't know if a need something like orbx global in x-plane. For now the only bad thing is the lack of season... thank for your help have great day Philippe Tremblay sorry for my english i'm french canadian
  14. it's worth every penny...FsLabs is in the same league of PMDG... Philippe Tremblay
  15. do tou have the last file for CYYZ flytampa...the last files is 1.4
  16. humm...i don't know if you need to reinstall orbx for this issue...for me just uncheke the landclass fix it...i don't reinstall orbx
  17. i fix it when i uncheck landclass box in the flytampa scenery configurator... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vZ_B_RMY3VdvYYGMqSt6Bn4yFPYcjouH thanks for your help have great day
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