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  1. captaincupcake


    I'm sure this has been asked several times but if anyone can help I'd be more than grateful. I have spent a lot of money and time to get FSX but am seriously thinking of selling everything and giving up. No matter what I do my system shuts down with a message telling me I'm out of available memory. I'm running in Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4 GHZ with 32Gb of installed RAM so it's a fairly powerful computer. I am so disheartened with this whole syste and beginning to wish I'd not bought the programmes etc i have. Any help and advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. captaincupcake

    B747-8i Add-on

    Thanks for getting back to me and I didn't realise about using real name... I'll change that for any future posts.
  3. captaincupcake

    B747-8i Add-on

    Hi All, I have just been looking around on sites like Avsim and etc and notice there are repaints of the B747-8i Have I missed something as I didn't think the 8i had been released yet from PMDG. Maybe someone could enlighten me! When I purchased the 747 package from PMDG (online) am I correct in thinking the 8i will be available at no extra charge? Sorry if I'm sounding kinda dumb!
  4. captaincupcake


    Thanks for getting back to me about that! I'll update my profile now for name etc....
  5. captaincupcake


    Sorry if this has been asked before. I am I correct in thinking that as I purchased the New 747 from the PMDG site I can also obtain a set up for the 747-8i? If so how do I go about doing this. I've spent a lot of time trying to finds a download link. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  6. captaincupcake

    MD-11 Repaints

    Hi,Well I only got as far as the channel before I started to fall asleep so just taken the TC big bird out this morning. Using real world weathr (VERY strong winds!!):( Its a beauiful work of art... and a joy to fly, hit the ground in AMS quite hard though... I'm putting that one down to winds Guess it was a 'controlled crash':( That said I have flown with a few capatins who like to make sure every body on board knows we have landed.... one of the joys of being a FA I guess... 'gird your loins and gab the seat we coming in!!'.Keep up the amazing work!!Adrian
  7. captaincupcake

    MD-11 Repaints

    Hi Jim,Sorry I've not been in touch sooner - family proplems (aarrrggghhh!).A million thanks for the FS9 repaints. You are a star!.:( For some reason not all the links are connecting, ie: emirates, V Australia... any chance you coud look at checking if I'm doing something silly.:( Anyway, I've just got home after a VERY, VERY long flight from Vancouver...2 changes enroute... I feel as if I've been around the world!!.B) Still I'm going to have to have a play before I crash out!!!. (physically not aviation wise that is!):( Just going on a short hop from EGKK - EHAM with one of your birds...... reports back soon...Adrian
  8. captaincupcake

    MD-11 Repaints

    Thanks for getting back to me.I have to say your work is fantatsic - I wish I knew how to do repaints!!.I'd really like the emirates and V australia models in 2004 if at all possible.That said knowing me and my passion for the MD11 I'd want all of them!.If you can covert them for FS2004 I'm more than happy to help out testing them...a.furmedge@sky.comKeep up the amazing work!!Adrian
  9. captaincupcake

    MD-11 Repaints

    Hello,Is there any chance of these fantastic repaints being available for FS2004?.They look fantastic and would love to have them in my hanger!!Adrian