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  1. hi there, download it yesterday bu t unable to launch Checking plugin version......and nothing append, simconnectserver is ok and green for msfs
  2. Hello again, Well, I think I solved my problem, I checked "COM 1" on the radio panel of my Pipistrel Panthera and now I have Xp11's ATIS which launches. So when I go back to UNICOM, I have to manually reconnect to TS but still.... Another odd thing, when I write a message under UNICOM, it appears as a COM 1 callsign and not the callsign that I entered in the flight plan (I fly under immat: FGSYR) Any idea?
  3. Good morning. Hello, Since I installed x-ivap and teamspeak 2 on my plane 11, I don't have the atis!!!! every time I change my frequency, teamspeak starts whether I'm connected to IVAO or not. When I'm logged in on IVAO and switch from unicom to ATIS frequency of the field I'm going to (uncontrolled terrain), teamspeak disconnects and doesn't reconnect. Any idea? XP11 up to date Windows 10 64 X-ivap 0.4
  4. Already asking and answering here !! In Topic: A keyboard key for de VS wheel Have a good day Capecod
  5. Hi all, Any news about this fantastic work ? In good coop Capecod
  6. Ok solved, just a diiferent pass on avsim forum ans avsim library Capecod Hello, i have this error msg when triying to download An FTP authentication failure occurred while trying to retrieve the URL: ftp://library.avsim.net/civil_flight/msfs/fsx/misc_files/fs2crew_aerosoft_airbus.zip Squid sent the following FTP command: PASS <yourpassword> The server responded with: Login incorrect. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Any idea ? In good coop Capecod
  7. Subtitles in : English, French, Deutsch, Spanish and Chineese but only 720p :( Great DVD Capecod
  8. Hello, is there a way to increase the distance of contact of the ATIS? Indeed, the 30 nm are too just to prepare effectively with the arrival runway, arrival STAR and approach to get into the FMC!In good coopSylvainWell forget this, just have to listen ATIS freq on com 2 !!!RgdsSyR
  9. EXCELLENT !!! Thanks a lot LDDK, work great !!!!
  10. Well, i try this morning, just have to put the waypoint after the last waypoint of my FPL with the correct level like on the approach plates and that's it !!!Not like real STAR but it's OK for me. I can arrive in the right plan at the right level Anyway, if someone have an idea of creating SID/STAR and add it to the Navigraph/Navdata/Proc, or PMDG/sidstar, yes i'am interested !!!! Rgdske7aa2pv
  11. Thanks for yr reply So i can "create" waypoint within the flight plan to match the RNAV GPS approach ? or use existing waypoint and make "like if" ? Brgdske7aa2pv
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