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  1. Drag the carb heat lever to hot and that will stop the back firing. Now, if someone could tell me how to get lighting to work on the beaver, I would appreciate it. Specifically, Instrument light, cabin light, and map light don't seem to work. when flying at night, I would have to use a flash light to see the flight instruments. Unfortunately no flashlight is provided. -Jim
  2. Where can i download these repaints. Thanks, Jim
  3. jb44mag

    Bug List

    Another bug? I believe the real D18 does NOT have a steerable tail wheel. Instead the real plane has a 360 degree caster. I could be wrong. Carenado's has a steerable tail wheel. -Jim
  4. jb44mag

    Bug List

    Here is an interesting pdf posted by a D18 s owner. https://www.iaopa.eu/mediaServlet/storage/gamag/apr07/p26_p29.pdf
  5. jb44mag

    Bug List

    Milton Shupe's "flight model" is an order of magnitude more accurate that Carenado's. Sounds as well. INR pilots of the D18S talk about dumping lift on touchdown by pushing forward on the yoke to prevent bounce. They mention the saying "bounce 5 times and over.) Relating to that, it seems most accidents on landing are touching down at too high a speed. In addition to other bugs, I found that when starting up for cold and dark, sometimes the switches on the switch panel don't work unless you touch the panel from the virtual cockpit first. similarly, when first accessing the fuel switches in the engine control panel, the mouse pointer actually operates the throttle. I have flown Milt's D18 for several years. I guess I only bought Carenado for the cockpit graphic rendering. My bad. I'm not going to insert Milt's sound set into the Carenado plane. I have to much respect for his work. In my opinion, the plane was not ready for prime time. It's like it was a rush job. -Jim
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