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  1. Has interesting add some wear in livery? Could be get more real thing. So far seem look like new bird.Thanks for paint.
  2. @FredericIn first pic,i was disengage AP,then i try to control to stable.Second pic i was forgot circumstances....No i was always receive buffet in AP control condition.Maybe i fly more times try to find out the reason. So far i know if get overspeed or stall speed in the more high altitude then will receive BUFFET ALERT.
  3. @JASON I was set cruise altitude is by FMC calculated result.So i not get to high altitude. @Omar Before get buffet alert ,i was in stable cruise,then get buffet in the short time.I notice IAS drop down to yellow are.And buffet has two condition is overspeed and low speed??(Thanks you share this page)@Frederic I was meet "something" causing my IAS was drop down.And my speed and altitude is normal before.I just don't know what is reason....i know is low speed to receive alert message. @Kevin I was eat launch before,this alert could be for other people...
  4. I was happened twice in cruise,and i found cause is"Current conditions result in a maneuver margin less than specified." in FCOM2.But i still can't get understand....Has anyone can explain detail..? And i always use ASE to get weather,so i was thinking could be by weather data change in cause. Thanks a lot.
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