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  1. Ehh, I wouldn't care about the graphics too much. HD texture update and official P3D support and I am good to go. Until then there are other ways to fly a MD-11 in P3D...
  2. Unfortunatly it was just a short flight, so the time I could do testing was rather limted. However, even after 1:05 the METAR on 122.025 didn't change. It was still reporting 12:20 though it was 13:25 allready. I did then manually force it to update, and it would switch to 13:20 instantly. Seems to me, when in the active mode it would not update the destination wheater ATIS nor the "Conditions" page in ASN (set to destination airport). However, wind date for the high altitude winds (not part of the METAR report, can and do change during the flight on a regular basis. Which can be seen when requesting the cruise/descend forecast/snapshot.
  3. Just a small observation on the flight I am currently doing. About 20 minutes into the flight, I still recive a 50 minute old ATIS via the radio (basically the one I got when I fired up ASN), however the DES FORECAST has been updated and the winds changed considerably since pre-flight.
  4. I am doing the same procedure, so I will answere some of this questions, as I did some testing. I tried to confirm this on several flights, as I was doing my own tests after reading this thread. I came to no valid conclusion yet though. I just made some observations: - The update of the weather report for a given destination (in ASN and the ATIS) lags behind at least 10 minutes since the actual release of the given METAR (When the METAR is from say 1350, ASN wouldn't update (not even manually, by clicking "Edit Wx" and then going to live weather mode again, which does at least force a download of weatherdata) before at least 1400, sometimes even taking another 5 to 10 minutes longer. - I have seen the destination weather change (listening to subsequent ATIS reports during a flight) without me touching ASN. However, on some other flights, the ATIS reports stayed the same. I will do some more testing on that. - If the destination weather changed automatically it would be at least 10 to 15 minutes after than the METAR was released (see point 1). Yes, they do that for me.
  5. This is how I do it as well. Easiest way to do it in my oppinon.
  6. Alex, can you try the following: Go to ASN-> Flight Plan. There activate "Add Top of Climb/Top of Descent Waypoints to Flight Plan". See if it works now.
  7. I used the earlier descriped version. I enter the flightplan manually into the FMC. It then creates a .pln which ASN will pick up and for which it will create an .wx file. This can then be importet for cruise and descent forecast.
  8. I know, as I am not a native English speaker it maybe doesn't sound like it should have, but I meant that it seems to be possible to simulate wake turbulence but however it probably isn't possible to program wind shears, at least not realistic ones. :wink:
  9. Hi, Probably because the FSX weather engine is not flexible enough, and doesn't provide the right simulated weather to make such things possible. I assume that it is possible to create wake turbolence however.
  10. Hi Michael, A windshear is practically a fast shift in wind direction/wind speed which can pretty dangerous whilst you are flying low and pretty slow near to your minimum speed like whilst you are on approach/landing and takeoff/departure.
  11. Hi Diego, In the NGX you can hear both, the "TCAS TEST PASS" and the "TCAS TEST FAIL". To hear them you have to press the button located on the Transponder modeselector. If you do that before IRS alignment you will get the "FAIL" sound and after alingment the "PASS". John
  12. I think the problem with weather is, that it isn't very easy to programm. Especially when the final product should cost less than 100$ (like FSX) I can imagine that there is no money for such programming. And think about it, how many FSX users are unhappy that there aren't windshears compared to the size of user which don't botter? From the user side (not from the financial side) it would have been the best if they would have included their basic weather as it is now, but let addon developers better plugin into it. Not like AS2012 or similar programs are able now, instead let them replace the weather engine if they wish. If they did this we maybe would have a realistic simulated weather today. But as said, weather is probably the most diffcult thing to get right in a flight simulator, as in the real world there are so many tiny factors wich can have a huge result onto your plane. As an example, you fly along a open field, at a sunny day in the afternoon, then you come to a line of trees, and you will often feel turbulence created by winds and thermodinamics. To add such a thing in a flight simulator would be probably pretty difficult. Or another example, in the vally I life we have the most times moderate or little winds, however if you fly out of it you often notice enormous wind speed increases as you leave, which is total logically as the mountains protect from wind. However in a flight simulator such a thing won't be easy to create either, especially when at other days there could be strong winds in the vally as some things changed. That would cost lot's of money, which only a few people would pay for, as lot's flightsimmers are happy that they have lifted the default trike into the air and never notice any advanced weather feature. But that's just my oppinion. Best regards, John
  13. Do you have switched all 3 IRS switches to on?@Lomaric: Do MD11s have normal moving gyros? No lasers?
  14. Hi,For instance in EDDF a new runway will open soon. The old runways got a new name. 7R is now 7C now for instance. I am not sure if the real world ILS frequencies have changed but I think so. Maybe the Navdata is also correct to the new world data. Only the FSX (default?) Airport isn't correct. Might you get an update for the AFCAD to solve the problem. Hope that helps. ~John
  15. Hi,Today I have bought a new Navida GTX 560Ti for my PC (Intel Core i5 760 and 8GB RAM). I have downloaded the latest drivers (I hope so) and testet it a few minutes in the default JFK with the default ultralight. And what I had got where below 10 fps. :( With the old ATI Readon 4650 it wasn't worse. This configuration guide will work for this card (560Ti) also, or?Some other tips for me?Best regardsJonathan Huschle
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