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    Will PMDG update the MD-11?

    Ehh, I wouldn't care about the graphics too much. HD texture update and official P3D support and I am good to go. Until then there are other ways to fly a MD-11 in P3D...
  2. xxJohnxx


    Unfortunatly it was just a short flight, so the time I could do testing was rather limted. However, even after 1:05 the METAR on 122.025 didn't change. It was still reporting 12:20 though it was 13:25 allready. I did then manually force it to update, and it would switch to 13:20 instantly. Seems to me, when in the active mode it would not update the destination wheater ATIS nor the "Conditions" page in ASN (set to destination airport). However, wind date for the high altitude winds (not part of the METAR report, can and do change during the flight on a regular basis. Which can be seen when requesting the cruise/descend forecast/snapshot.
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    Just a small observation on the flight I am currently doing. About 20 minutes into the flight, I still recive a 50 minute old ATIS via the radio (basically the one I got when I fired up ASN), however the DES FORECAST has been updated and the winds changed considerably since pre-flight.
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    I am doing the same procedure, so I will answere some of this questions, as I did some testing. I tried to confirm this on several flights, as I was doing my own tests after reading this thread. I came to no valid conclusion yet though. I just made some observations: - The update of the weather report for a given destination (in ASN and the ATIS) lags behind at least 10 minutes since the actual release of the given METAR (When the METAR is from say 1350, ASN wouldn't update (not even manually, by clicking "Edit Wx" and then going to live weather mode again, which does at least force a download of weatherdata) before at least 1400, sometimes even taking another 5 to 10 minutes longer. - I have seen the destination weather change (listening to subsequent ATIS reports during a flight) without me touching ASN. However, on some other flights, the ATIS reports stayed the same. I will do some more testing on that. - If the destination weather changed automatically it would be at least 10 to 15 minutes after than the METAR was released (see point 1). Yes, they do that for me.
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    Weather radar on IVAO network

    Got to your IVAO Installation folder. In there you should find a programm called ivap_config.exe. Open that up and go to "Weather". There uncheck "Enable Weather Engine".
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    Cockpit Texture/Lighting Troubles

    I have seen this on the MFD display as well. I am not sure what reason there is for it.
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    This is how I do it as well. Easiest way to do it in my oppinon.
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    DES Updating weather forecast!

    Here, I made a short video to explain the process a bit better: The quality should get better in a few minutes, I just uploaded it. Also apologzie my English pronaunciation. Since Arnold Schwarnzenegger it should be known that we can't pronounce English. Hope this helps, Jonathan
  9. xxJohnxx

    DES Updating weather forecast!

    That is correct. The only file you want to create in PFPX is the file for the CDU to load. If you want to enter the flight plan manually, you don't create any file in PFPX.
  10. xxJohnxx

    DES Updating weather forecast!

    Yeah, it is possible. Don't create a WX file in PFPX at all. In the CDU, go to simulation options, page 7. Set FSX PLN FILE FOR WX there. In ASN go to settings-> general options-> Auto load simulator flight plan. Tick that to yes. Now, what happens, everytime you request wind data (either for the route or descent), the CDU will put a wx.pln file into the Documents\Flight Simulator X folder. This wx.pln file will contain your departure, route, arrival, as well as alternates and altitudes. ASN will detect the file and automatically import the route, and create a wx file for your PMDG to load, which it will do, because you recquested a forecast. In the CDU you can also set INCLUDE ALTNS IN PLN. Then ASN also will give you the forecasts for your flight alternates. EDIT: Everytime your ASN gets a new weather download this will also be available for you via datalink. So on a long flight, you might want to get the forecasts several times.
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    Bleedair from shutoff engine

    Hi, On my short flight today I noticed following problem: After landing I shut the engines off, and was running on the APU for a few minutes. Then I connected groundpower and shutoff the APU. However, I noticed that the packs-audio is still running. Cycling Q didn't help, so I searched for the cause. A brief look at the air-page showed the following: As you can see, the engine is shutoff, however the bleedair-valve is still open. On the overhead panel you can see the engine R ENG switch doesn't show "OFF". This is the first time I experienced this. It worked fine on the previous flights as far as I can remember. Best regards, John
  12. xxJohnxx

    Bleedair from shutoff engine

    Okay, not a bug, just me not beeing used to service based failures. The right bleedair valve failed in the open position. The sound I was hearing where the recirc fans. Lesson learned. It's not a bug, it's a feature!
  13. xxJohnxx

    777-200 overspeed after takeoff

    On the Primary Flight Display you have the Flight Director enabled? As soon as you reach Vr speed, you are suppossed to pull back on the stick until your pitch reaches the Flight Directors commanded position. The tutorial flight describes this much better than I do.
  14. I have one short question: When you do this as John described will ASN show you your flight plan? Quick yes/no will. Thanks!
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    Alex, can you try the following: Go to ASN-> Flight Plan. There activate "Add Top of Climb/Top of Descent Waypoints to Flight Plan". See if it works now.
  16. Hi, I just recently got myselfe the 777 and have been mainly flying the 200F since then. Yesterday I noticed weird autopilot behaviour in cruise, during a turn. The autopilot will correctly bank into the turn and will fly the turn a bit too tight. This leads to the problem that the autopilot then will command a short bank into the oppositie direction, which looks pretty strange. Anyway, a video says more then 1000 words, so here I got a short clip for you (sorry for the quality, my upload is a bit too slow to upload anything better): I was following this airways wenn it happened: T845 MABAB Z858 This was the first time that I noticed that in cruise. Similar things also happen on departures sometimes. Maybe someone can look into this. Jonathan
  17. xxJohnxx

    PMDG 777 autopilot a bit oversteering in turns

    Thanks for your answers! I have never run the 777 before SP1 (I made the decision to buy after returning from holiday, which was coincidently the release of SP1/300ER), so I couldn't tell. So it might be a bug associated to the new Service Pack.
  18. xxJohnxx

    AP Disc Scheme Options

    All 3 are realistic, it just depends on the airline. In option 2) the wailer won't sound if you quickly press the AP disconnect two times. In option 3) the wailer will sound if you quickly press the AP disconnect two times, for a short time.
  19. xxJohnxx

    Weather Info

    If you set it up correctly as Werner described, you hit the "REQUEST" button. It will take a few seconds to send the request. Then the text "SENTREQUEST" will appear, meaning that the airplane is now waiting for a response from the dispatcher (obviously just a simulated waiting time). Then after a few seconds, you will hear a chime (Datalink data arrived), and the text on the CDU will change once more. Now you hit the LSK next to "LOAD" and after a few seconds your winddata will be stored into the FMC. You then confirm your changes by hitting EXEC.
  20. xxJohnxx

    777-200 overspeed after takeoff

    After takeing off, are you following the the Flight Director indications? If you do so, you shouldn't get into an overspeed situation.
  21. xxJohnxx

    PMDG 777-300ER Surround Sound 5.1

    Compatible, sure! However, I run Senheiser PC363D in 7.1 Surround mode, and it is a nice gimmick, but a real surround setup just sounds so much better.
  22. xxJohnxx

    weather radar is frustrating

    Well they might pose some risk, but they just can't be detected by radar.
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    I used the earlier descriped version. I enter the flightplan manually into the FMC. It then creates a .pln which ASN will pick up and for which it will create an .wx file. This can then be importet for cruise and descent forecast.
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    Weather Radar and DataUplink

    The WX radar doesn't show clouds. It shows rain and snow. However, it has a filter, which prevents very light rain to be shown. You can change the filter by turning up the gain controll and therefore make it more sensetive.
  25. xxJohnxx

    PMDG 777-300ER Surround Sound 5.1

    Sounds very good indeed on a 5.1 system.