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  1. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, so I'll answer both questions I interpreted here. If your question is whether you need to buy the NGX itself from PMDG in order to use FS2Crew, then yes you do as it's an add on to the plane itself. If your question is whether you need the old version of FS2Crew NGX to use the reboot, no it's a completely new product and in fact you can't buy the old one anymore.
  2. Is the HS button on the main panel lit up? Also the right headset device selected under SEC panel, audio?
  3. I know, but it is the closest. I still find myself responding to certain checklist items that the FO says now.. :Whistle:
  4. Further reasoning behind that is that runway 13R/31L is closed for resurfacing and has been temporarily moved over to the parallel taxiway (and runway 13L/31R is also closed).
  5. The answer to this question is the answer to many questions in aviation, it depends. Specifically it depends on the operator's SOP, but the per the FCOM it only specifically mentions leaving the system A un-pressurized if the bypass pin is *not* installed. See FCOM vol 1, pdf pg 106 Based on Boeing's procedures you can have either SYS A un-pressurized or have the pin in, but I'm sure there are airlines out there that call for SYS A to be off regardless of the pin as an added layer of safety or standardization.
  6. For some reason that has never worked for me. Turns it on, but it can't be turned off.
  7. Voice is on, nothing muting the mic. Ran training again, that seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
  8. I seem to be having a different issue with SP1D and Fs2Crew, the program isn't hearing me. I did un-install and re-install, and made sure the right headset was selected. The FO does his preflight flow ok but when I call for the Preflight checklist nothing happens, and nothing comes up in the green bar.
  9. In the 777 they give you an option like you're requesting, so I don't see why they wouldn't do the same with the 737.
  10. Don't know if fs2crew supports it, but more importantly FSX doesn't really support it. Even with full opposite rudder you likely won't be able to taxi straight, and forget about turning against the running engine.
  11. That solved it, thanks. If only it said that on Avsim, or the readme that comes with the file. I didn't download the other one at first because I already have Chris Hicks' paint. Anyway thanks again.
  12. Hey, sorry to go OT but I downloaded your AA oneworld paint and it looks like there are some textures missing somehow. Could it be because of the changes to the OC? I did try removing it and re-downloading and re-installing the ptp.
  13. It didn't out of the box, you had to set that up. Have a look here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/421182-is-the-pmdg-777-documentation-missing-important-panel-access-information/page-2#entry2800786
  14. Thanks, that's how I thought it was intended. When I was testing this yesterday I couldn't get the 2 presses in fast enough with my joystick button for option 2. Using the key command works, so I do see the difference now.
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