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  1. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, so I'll answer both questions I interpreted here. If your question is whether you need to buy the NGX itself from PMDG in order to use FS2Crew, then yes you do as it's an add on to the plane itself. If your question is whether you need the old version of FS2Crew NGX to use the reboot, no it's a completely new product and in fact you can't buy the old one anymore.
  2. I know, but it is the closest. I still find myself responding to certain checklist items that the FO says now.. :Whistle:
  3. Voice is on, nothing muting the mic. Ran training again, that seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
  4. I seem to be having a different issue with SP1D and Fs2Crew, the program isn't hearing me. I did un-install and re-install, and made sure the right headset was selected. The FO does his preflight flow ok but when I call for the Preflight checklist nothing happens, and nothing comes up in the green bar.
  5. I think the recommendation to use the Concorde hotkeys in FS were from the FS9 version of the NG. You can set a hotkey from within the CDU of the NGX.
  6. Sounds like it's one of 3 possibilities: 1) F10 could be set to something else in FS, and overriding the selection (not likely unless you set it to something else, by default it's a shortcut to the 2D cockpit view) Actually, I think that the HotKeySelect= function overrides the setting within FS so that's not likely. 2) Most likely it's to do with Windows file permissions. It's very possible that you don't have permission to edit the file. Look and see if that line you added is still there after you put it in, save and close it, start FS and load a flight in the 777. If the line has disappeared, then that's the cause. Let us know here if it is and we'll get it sorted for you. (be sure to quote this post and I'll get an email, I haven't been checking here every day) 3) Verify FS was NOT running when you edited the file?
  7. Out of curiosity, where did you get this information? The last I heard they were sticking with the 737-800 (and max-8 eventually), and getting the A319 and A321 (but not A320) because each of those give the best performance / economics for what they want out of each sized aircraft. I believe they had originally said otherwise when placing the order a few years ago, but since changed the specifics.
  8. I have it and didn't make it. Check the avsim library
  9. Then I'm not sure what you're looking for, one of the older V Australia liveries (Star tail with old name, hybrid Virgin Australia titles/V Australia tail) ?
  10. Did you check here? http://precisionmanuals.com/pages/downloads/liveries.html Not sure what the reg is, but there's a Sun Country (Transavia Leased) on the list of -800's
  11. I don't remember where I learned it, but as far as I know there's only 4 you can use: F9=1 F10=2 F11=3 F12=4 Of course these all have default assignments in FSX, but setting them for something in an individual aircraft overrides the defaults, which are: F9=VC F10=2D cockpit (main panel, empty in the 777 which is why I used F10 for the overhead) F11=locked spot view F12=top down view Glad to help!
  12. Even though the ZIGGY arrival does intersect the ILS at PETIS, it's pretty much impossible to do due to terrain and speed. Normally ATC will vector you South, then East, then North, and finally back West to the ILS. I've heard this referred to as "toilet bowl sequencing" for obvious reasons :lol: The ZIGGY into ONT, and the KAYOH into SNA are the 2 most difficult arrivals to control in SoCal. Speed control is absolutely critical on both.
  13. As I said in the first response, you have to make an edit to the aircraft config file. You can find this by opening your FSX folder (by default C:\program files(x86)\Microsoft\Flight Simulator X or something like that, mine is C:\FSX) then go to Sim Objects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-LR and find the file "aircraft.cfg" open it, then scroll down to, or search for (Control-F) [CameraDefinition.3] Title = "Overhead Lower Panel" Add the following: (note: do this when the sim is not running, and make sure you place this after the last line in that section, which should be "initial pbh = .... " and before the next section [CameraDefinition.4]) HotKeySelect=2 Once you do that, save the file (Control-S) and now the F10 key will switch to the overhead view, and F9 will return you to the captain's seat. It should look like this when you're done: Then repeat this process in the PMDG 777F Folder, which is in the same location as the other one. Hope this helps
  14. I know, what I'm saying is in the NGX there's a 2D overhead. In the 777 there is not. Same with the others you said were missing. Therefore they can not be set to the shift-number shortcuts. I have done what I said before with the F10 key and can confirm that it does work, though you're limited to F9-F12. I'd recommend not setting F9 to anything as that will always take you back to the main VC view. edit: Also in response to the original post, Shift-8 and 9 in the 777 are the captain's PFD and ND popups respectively.
  15. I don't think it's possible to set VC views to Shift-# as those are shortcuts for 2D popup panels. You can set F10-12 by editing the aircraft.cfg file and adding "HotKeySelect=2(or 3 or 4)" in the section for the view you want. For example, I have the lower overhead mapped to F10 (since it's an empty view). Open the aircraft.cfg (you'll need to do this for both the pax and cargo separately). Search for the line: [CameraDefinition.3] Title = "Overhead Lower Panel" Add the following below the last line of that entry: HotKeySelect=2
  16. Did you get any of the altitude callouts from the GPWS? (2500, 1000, approaching minimums, etc) If not, it could be the sound routing issue where the sound is going to speakers that don't exist.
  17. Ok, that's the problem. You aren't supposed to use the bar to disengage the autopilot except as a last resort. Map a joystick button to the autopilot disconnect button on the yoke (I imagine the intro manual will help with this) click it, wait about 2 seconds, click it again. This will disengage A/P and silence the alarm.
  18. Are you hitting the disconnect bar on the MCP to disconnect the Autopilot?
  19. You mean this one? http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=170854
  20. Strange, the link in Ryan's original post works for me..
  21. For reference, the NG versions that replace the Classics are as follows: -500 = -600 -300 = -700 -400 = -800 So if the original in question is a -400, then a -800 is the closest in size.
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