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  1. Just FYI on this subject. I had this same issue with P3DV5.1 when placing the GTN in the panel of the Carenado C421 using the autofind and replace function in the RXP utility. I also put it in the panel of the Flysimware L35 using the Flysimware utility and it seems normal there. All 2D panels are high resolution and no problem..
  2. Is this mod still available?? Would love to add to the Falcon
  3. Not a whole lot of information here to comment but a couple of thoughts: It sounds like your engines are motoring and not really running on ignition. Can you confirm that the engines are running normally with proper fuel flow etc. Do the engines SPOOL up when you advance the throttle but the aircraft feels like the brakes are set?? Also there is some issue I have found after landing if the Spoilers are not retracted and autobrake reset that looks like this. You said the parking brake is off, but can you confirm that the brakes are not engaged in some other way ?? That's about all I can think of with the info you sent..
  4. Yes Reinstalled. I finally got everything working after reinstalling one more time ..Not sure what the differences were except I did make sure that the 530 only was selected and initially did not update the WX radar until after the sim was running properly. Key Items .. I missed that this version was only for P3DV4.4 and I was initially at V4.3. After that I am not sure why it had problems loading but now all (including the WX radar) is working fine... thanks for taking the time to help get through this..
  5. OK.. Thanks I did do that. I also screwed up and noticed I was not up to V4.4 so I did the Client update and reloaded the Falcon 50 and now the preview shows up but when I go to load it after loading 100% the simulator quits back to the desktop ?? I did delete all of the initial files before reloading the Falcon as far as I know.. All other aircraft, addons and systems seem OK
  6. I am sorry to say I am having this exact same problem after loading the FSW Falcon 50 today. I have read through the thread above and checked the items listed with no ability to get the Model Graphics (Preview or Model View) to work. A couple of questions.. I updated the wx radar to the latest REX download, and I know all of the models use this but is there a way to DE SELECT any additional GPS add ons to take these out of the picture. IOW, I just want to use the default GPS. The GPS Panel Tool does not appear to allow DE SELECTION? Any other suggestions ??
  7. Bryan, I continued to look at this and after many other uses of the PF with the FO, it looks like when the FO announces that the "Preflight Checklist Above The Line" complete, the microphone is picking up the next trigger line from the speakers as it is coming up on the green line as he speaks and this triggers the "below the line" call. I use speakers for all of the FO communications as I am using the headset for vPilot communications run on another computer. I'll continue to monitor. By the way, I looked for the CVR recording file in the roaming folder and did not find any file like that in the maddogRB folder?? Mike
  8. I sure will.. I understand that there are many different configurations that can cause various affects, so not trying to criticize at all, just trying to help work out any bugs.. I have made several flights now with the Maddog and the FS2C work is very good..
  9. Actually Bryan it happens every time even with the Mic disconnected..
  10. Bryan, OK, Thanks for following along.. Just one more question. When the FO finishes the PF Above the line, he goes directly into the Below The Line without any trigger from the PF, is that the way it is designed?? Again thanks to all of the FS2 Crew for these great addons Mike
  11. OK, I think I have a handle on it. More testing this morning. I did one other thing in my earlier testing that I thought had no impact on anything but actually did and so it WAS NOT the changing of the parameters from NO to YES, but the other thing that did at the same time as changing these parameters and that was RESIZING OF THE MAIN PANEL WINDOW. I have a 42 inch screen so when I bring up the FS2C Main Panel it is a bit distorted, so from the beginning I had resized it and put it into the corner of the screen. This apparantly is what is causing the AWOL FO. The other indication is that each time I resize the main panel window I get a message on the screen saying that "FS2CREW VOICE MODE ACTIVATED" (or something close to that). You should be able to try it on your machine. I tested this with the following results: Each time I left the main panel full size as it comes up the FO shows up. I also changed all of the YES selections to NO in the config panel and as long as I left the main panel full size, everything worked. Finally I started a new flight, left the main panel full size had the FO start his flows and in the middle of the flows, I resized the main panel and the FO went AWOL again. I can now run FS2CREW consistently with FO there as long as I do not resize the main panel. Hope this is repeatable for you.. Mike
  12. If you would like me to run some specific tests based on these observations, let me know
  13. Thanks for believing in me 😉 ... I am not using any saved panel states. Just trying to start from the selected raw aircraft config. After my usual, waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about what might be different, this morning I started a raw flight and in the configuration panel I selected all the options as YES. IOW, when I had the AWOL problem the START-CREW, Jetway, doors, Gated dep, Gate Arr, UGSX were all NO. (as I was planning to use other options for this.. I do have GSX ground services, but I had not selected any of this addon for any test flight here) This morning after bringing up the aircraft in C&D mode at the gate I brought up the config panel and changed all of those to YES. THE FO SHOWED UP. And he seems to now be showing up each time. I have not done any more than this so I don't know if it is one of those selections or some combination but this DEFINATELY had an affect. I will continue to try to get more consistent cause and effect data, but there seems to be some relationship between these selections and the AWOL problem. Thanks for continuing to follow up ...I know with all of the variations of user systems your job is hard, but I am trying not to send you on any wild goose chases. I try to make sure its not me before asking you!!.. 😉 Mike
  14. I did not have ANY add-ons running when I tested this with the exception of CHASEPLANE. I spent most of the morning trying to isolate the problem and completely deleted both MADDOGX and FS2C, then reinstalled both and did a C&D startup following the checklist exactly. The first time running the sim after clean installation the FO Flows worked, but not at all after that. On this first event I ran a complete flight and FO followed Flows and my commands properly. Nothing after this first flight. The FS2C window comes up properly on C&D and asks for connection of AC Power. Once power is connected FS2C goes to PRE START (B). After power is connected, I started the PF and the counter starts but no FO comes aboard and no flows happen. FO will answer GREAT, and DEPARTURE BRIEF. Other actions for load sheet, boarding, Proper Fuel, etc all happen, but no FO FLOWS. I am going to make a video of the process and upload to YouTube and will post a link to it here to show what is going on but having tried most every combination of what I can think of that might change this, the FO is very consistently AWOL.
  15. I am having the exact same problem with latest MaddogX and FS2C. No FO flows being conducted during PF but load sheet, boarding etc all work as well as responses from FO like Departure Brief. Before start checklist Above the Line is never completed. I’m a long time PMDG FS2C user so not a total beginner here.. i did have one session where FO did flows, but I have no idea what triggered it as my flows have been the same..
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