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  1. I have mine working in XP11, I ran it through plane maker and saved it with the updated formats. It does require an updated download from dreamfoils website for the dream engine however the dev has stated that the plane will be getting upgraded to XP11 standards.
  2. The EMB-110 is 27% off as the daily deal at the .org store for X-Plane users. Good until tomorrow at 10am CST. http://store.x-plane.org/Embraer-110--Bandeirantes_p_394.html
  3. Both engines on the barron won't spin, I'm guessing LR is getting a lot of bg reports for it.
  4. For those that are on facebook and follow PMDG, the DC-6 is boarding. This means just another step closer. Next will be takeoff, cruise, approach and then landing.
  5. This is actually good news, they always place it on the website close to release and then set the price extremely high as to make sure no one buys it before the actual release.
  6. P3D works best without tweaks, buy it and start giving it a go. You've got the 60 day refund if you are not satisfied with it.
  7. Unfortuneately I think it's low on the priority list to do the upcoming -400, -800 and DC-6 releases and who know's what the next release from PMDG will be. There's the upcoming E120 however from Razbam that seems to be progressing nicely (https://www.facebook.com/RazbamSims/photos/a.316309961788982.75719.316077818478863/860775554009084/?type=1&theater).
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I am now just waiting to see if a sale pops up for anything soon. Hopefully the 210 or 207 get knocked down a few bucks.
  9. First off, I had a topic about migrating to XP a while back. I've been playing with it now and I am seriously impressed by the sim and the "realness" factor provided. The new b6 from 10.40 is impressive to say the least. A few questions for the X-plane gurus and to the community: -I am looking for a really good general aviation (single or twin) recip prop to get started, what would everyone recommend? I don't mind paying for quality either. Carenado/Alabeo have fantastic models but I am not sure if their "systems depth" is the same as on the P3D platform. -Is there a utility which changes how ocean waters look at the more tropical locations? I primarily enjoy flying in the Florida region and the ocean/gulf seem to be a bit dark. (Maybe this is an effect of being spoiled by REX). I think thats about the only questions I have left as I have UHD mesh, world2xplane working, along with things like xsquawkbox. But feel free to add anything I am missing.
  10. Carl, What store was this? I would love to grab RSW for that price.
  11. I just got the 404 and absolutely love it, I am always hesitant with Alabeo/Carenado stuff but chose to buy from the alabeo.com store as they do offer a refund if you choose not to like the product. The 403 in the plane is nice but that's about it, I haven't purchased the flight 1 750 yet so I can't really say if that feature works. The AP works brilliantly as it should tracking "old" style nav equipment. The flight dynamics "feel" right, although the biggest twin I've flown is a Seminole and have about 50 hours in it. Overall I'm very happy with it especially running around the smaller Florida Airports.
  12. The 2nd one could be real! Very nice shots.
  13. This is better posted in the classifieds forums, you will get more responses.
  14. They have stated this aircraft will be more of a study level sim with a lower amount of first officer automation compared to what is found in their A321 series.
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