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  1. Thanks so much. Two questions -- things I could not find in the manual. 1. For the FMC, how do I enter a new flight plan? And how do you modify the current flight plan? I am running the tutorial flight right now, but wanted to try skipping a leg and going to the next leg, but can't figure out how. 2. When I adjust the MFD range, it only appears to show an option to minus ( - ) the range. However, when I click it, it actually increases the range. I am currently showing the maximum (640), but cannot figure out how to reduce/change the range. Many thanks for your hard and excellent work!
  2. Alberto, brilliant work! I just downloaded and installed, and did a quick flight. Everything was great. Now I'll read the documentation and get smart on things like the FMS, etc. Thank you! Grazie! I just sent you a beer in thanks! I would be interested if anyone has any liveries to share, particularly for US airlines. Thanks!
  3. Ciao, just checking, any luck? New P3D computer, and really looking forward to trying your work out. It looks amazing! Thanks!
  4. All 3 clients have model matching. It just depends on how much time you want to invest in setting it up for the same result -- hours (or at least many minutes) for FSInn and Squawkbox vs. about 10 minutes for vPilot if you use vmrgenerator. I am told that vPilot has less of a fps hit. FSInn setup is a lot trickier than vPilot to set up, takes many minutes to hours longer to set up, and really only buys you the ability to do voice unicom, a radar screen and push back feature. FSInn is only community supported, as it was a beta that was never released, and is now developer-abandoned (for many years now). Squawkbox is easier to set up out of the box and the model matching is easier to set up than FSInn, but it is also now developer-abandoned (for several years now). As a result, when equipmetn suffixes changed real world, there was no one there to change them on SB, so the incorrect ones are the only ones you can choose from . vPilot was recently released, and is supported by not only the community, but by the developer as well, who continues to make feature improvements. Please don't take my comments the wrong way -- FSInn and SquawkBox are great pieces of software, and for people who have already gotten it set up, it probably makes no sense whatsoever to switch from FSInn. For accuracy in flight plan filing, it DOES make sense to change from SquawkBox (unless you still use FS9, because vPilot doesn't support FS9, also abandoned nearly 10 years ago). But if you are a FSX or P3D user and just getting set up for the first time, I personally think that vPilot is the much better choice.
  5. As VATSIM does not allow voice unicom (except somehow the VATPAC "trial period" has been allowed to continue indefinitely as it hurts no one), vPilot does not allow voice unicom.
  6. Don't forget, your AvSim library credentials are what you need, which is separate from your AvSim forums credentials.
  7. Was going to reply, but RedSpinnaker hit the nail on the head. Well explained, Sir.
  8. OK, sorry, my first post here. I don't see a way to edit it. If that's offensive, mods, please feel free to mod it to "'re unappreciative." Apologies to anyone offended.
  9. Actually, you can express how you feel any time you want. The fact remains, you were upset that an event, where volunteers PAID to rent space to control, ended on time, as advertised. The fact that you didn't bother to plan your flight to happen within the event window, or cut folks who PAID GOOD MONEY to allow you to fly inside their airspace some slack when the rental ended (for another event in the same space) shows that you are either clueless or an unappreciative jerk. There were lots of posts that responded to your complaint. This one sums it up pretty well. And yet 2 days later you spew your garbage here? My opinion is that it's probably that you're an unappreciative jerk.