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  1. Thanks so much. Two questions -- things I could not find in the manual. 1. For the FMC, how do I enter a new flight plan? And how do you modify the current flight plan? I am running the tutorial flight right now, but wanted to try skipping a leg and going to the next leg, but can't figure out how. 2. When I adjust the MFD range, it only appears to show an option to minus ( - ) the range. However, when I click it, it actually increases the range. I am currently showing the maximum (640), but cannot figure out how to reduce/change the range. Many thanks for your hard and excellent work!
  2. Alberto, brilliant work! I just downloaded and installed, and did a quick flight. Everything was great. Now I'll read the documentation and get smart on things like the FMS, etc. Thank you! Grazie! I just sent you a beer in thanks! I would be interested if anyone has any liveries to share, particularly for US airlines. Thanks!
  3. Ciao, just checking, any luck? New P3D computer, and really looking forward to trying your work out. It looks amazing! Thanks!
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