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  1. 50,40,30,20 retard retard retard 10...... Why won't PMDG make one? It's the future!
  2. So does this mean it's time for PMDG to make an Airbus ;)
  3. Sorry... Just kinda gets under my skin when people who have never signed the tech log of a commercial airliner start second guessing the actions of a crew.... Last time I was in the Airbus training center (Jan) between about 20 Airbus pilots 320/330 people were discussing this incident... Think how much flight time they have between them... And you know what? They were still not sure....
  4. How many of your are type rated on an Airbus FBW Aircraft? How many of you can explain the difference between normal law, alternate law with and without stabilities and direct law...? Before you sit here having a pissing contest between yourselves... Stop and think...... I'm sure errors were made, and we will learn from them. I have seen pilots of all nationalities have problems in the simulator when faced with unreliable airspeed. It's easy when you know it's coming, but factor in a failure, or some weather or just being dog tired then let something slip in like this... All of a sudden your getting conflicting information... Dark or night lightening all around you, buffeted up against the 5 point harness... Then let's see how well you do! For the record yes I'm a type rated Airbus pilot with a bunch of PIC on it! How flying the MD ;)
  5. I can't see the MAX offering anything too spectacular... To improve the 737 substantially they need to redesign the wing box.... They have said they are not going to.... A redesign of the wing box is a major modification.. To the point you may as well start again. The A320NEO will be ready sooner and offer the same or greater savings than the MAX.
  6. Airbus does not use EICAS but uses ECAM. The problem with the aircraft has been touched upon above... Airbus started with a clean sheet of paper, a big part of Airbuses plan was to develope a family of aircraft that would have enough commonality to operate on a single type rating and then with only differences course to the A320 family's larger cousin the A330/340/380. The A318/19/21 is a common type rating, once a pilot is flying the 320 he needs only a very brief course to then fly for example the A330. Once he is type endorsed on both types A320 and A330 the airline still only needs to perform two simulator events per year and alternate them between the A320 and A330 to keep him current on both types. Boeing on the other hand did not start with a fresh sheet of paper for their narrowbody jet but infact many bits of the 737NG can be traced back to the 707. When Airbus was able to provide airlines with the significant cost savings in crew training that I outlined above.. Boeing had to play catch up PDQ and scratch together a program to try and convince the authorities to allow a common type rating between Boeings Aircraft. *Note the above is based upon European Airlines, that do two training events per year for both the Captain and First Officer (who both hold full type ratings) In the US they do their own thing... Having programs like AQP etc and not type rating first officers for domestic only operations.. Some airlines there also stretch out the training to every 9 months instead of 6 Anyway you get the idea. Boeing did not build a new airplane with the NG and although it is nice.. It is very dated compared to some types.... Just look at the overhead panel..
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