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  1. Damn, censure is something i never saw coming from avsim staff. Good luck wherever you go psolk.
  2. I didn't tested in the simulator yet but seems to be a great improvement, thanks so much.
  3. Tell your web developer that foreach() is his friend.
  4. This. I thought every Aircraft brand produce their own systems but found that a company called Honeywell is a EGPWS manufacturer which claims to have delivered more than 30.000 units...that explain it all.
  5. Well, it would be nice to have some precisions. :Nerd:
  6. Just to clarify, I'm not saying it's the same voice for every plane, I say I heard the Boeing voice (the male one) in aircrafts which are not manufactured by them. Bombardier Dash 8 Embraer E-190 ...and I'm sure I could find a lot more.
  7. Hey guys, I'm just curious about this...how is that aircraft of different manufacturers share the same voice in the GPWS? Is it provided by the FAA or something?
  8. None, i would prefer PMDG developing a classic or better yet an original 737.
  9. It's a programming term. Don't pay too much attention there, it will get eventually fixed.
  10. There is a setting where you can set 3 different levels of difficulty: 1- No penalty 2- Landing lights on/off under/above FL100 3- Realistic (real world procedures) You are probably using the #1 or the #2.
  11. This is with the PMDG 737 NGX 1st problem I switch it to "steady" as soon as I have power from the APU, then "strobe and steady" before to enter the runway I'm supposed to T/O from 2st problem I turn belts ON before to enter the active runway, OFF at cruise, ON again when starting descend and keep it that way until I reach the gate. So, how do I need to do it to avoid penalizations? Thanks in advance.
  12. My knowledge about systems is very poor, but a feature I will like too see in any PMDG incoming aircraft is some tool that allow you to read charts (pdf's) from inside the plane. I know there are some addons that already do that but would be great something built-in that also match the cockpit design. Wait, better yet...once I was watching a pilotseye.tv flight and noticed the crew of that 744 had some kind of tablets in the lateral windows with a digital/interactive version of the airport diagram. That would be just outstanding. :Party: PS: No, I'm not using drugs atm.
  13. Thank you, i'll check some reviews.
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