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  1. I didn't tested in the simulator yet but seems to be a great improvement, thanks so much.
  2. There is a setting where you can set 3 different levels of difficulty: 1- No penalty 2- Landing lights on/off under/above FL100 3- Realistic (real world procedures) You are probably using the #1 or the #2.
  3. This is with the PMDG 737 NGX 1st problem I switch it to "steady" as soon as I have power from the APU, then "strobe and steady" before to enter the runway I'm supposed to T/O from 2st problem I turn belts ON before to enter the active runway, OFF at cruise, ON again when starting descend and keep it that way until I reach the gate. So, how do I need to do it to avoid penalizations? Thanks in advance.
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