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  1. I don't mind your difference in definition; "optional early access to a beta feature" to me is the same as a preview (like the old FSX DX11 preview)...that's simply the term I use, and the term I have seen other simmers use as well. Like calling a sport Soccer vs. Football. Semantics. I am not disagreeing with P3Dv5's performance, and yes, that did indeed go off topic....sorry about that (hey, it happens in just about every forum, oh well...not the end of the world). As for the statement for being a poor investment - for a new person coming into simming, or someone looking at changing platforms and based on what is currently available and being released the opinion remains true with regards to out-of-box experience and financial investment to get the product to an equivalent level. And how many hours I have is irrelevant to form the opinions I have stated. I have been using simulators since 1995, fly real aircraft, and that is all I need. Thank you, and goodbye!
  2. Makes you wonder, how much testing they did for the DX12 transition? They're calling the clouds a 'preview' (remember when fsx did that for DX11?), and you're paying for a full fledged product that doesn't even have a proper weather engine. XP11 has been testing Vulcan for many months now, and is still not out. A lot of people are tied into P3D long term because of 3rd party vendor support and we had nothing better.... But nowadays it is a very poor investment to get into.
  3. BOTH of you are correct. If it was just for gaming alone, I'd stick with what I have now or even go for a cheaper chip. But Flight Simulator is a fickle thing, and the choice right now really ISN'T clear. Historically speaking, and based on current benchmarks - yes, Intel would be the way to go. I know how they perform, I know I can overclock them with ease, and their IPC might be 14nm - but who cares? It's strong and well built. That being said, I am very much open to AMD. Unfortunately, there isn't anything clear on actual performance comparison for the current or upcoming sims - which are changing, and we have yet to see how they are like with current hardware; so it only boils down to "pick one". Vulcan is around the corner for XPlane 11, I have no intent on getting P3Dv5, and MSFS has yet to be released (their system requirements are from last year's data). New chips, especially good ones, can be hard to find at launch - so AMD might release something in November, but can I GET one in November? (I still can't find an available i7-10700 in my area). I was waiting for the 3800XT to release, and based on that, the price is the same and performance lower than the 10700k. Will Zen3 be better? Perhaps.....but at the same time, Zen3 may release when I no longer am able to build a PC for whatever reason. (last time I built a PC, I went against recommendations to wait - good thing, because life changed significantly!). Either way, it's a new CPU and Mobo combo this time and next, regardless which way I go (Zen3 is said to be the last AM4 platform).
  4. That's excellent! Obviously, you're using top end hardware though. Is this running in 1080p or 2k? I'm looking to build an FS system for XPlane and MSFS2020, but eyeing the new 10700k which is said to be the same as the 9900k in performance. Also, waiting for the RTX3000 series cards, which will really open up 2k performance for me.
  5. I don't know if anything has changed....but all I had to do was ensure that the one axis controls throttle 1 and throttle 2, and then set a keystroke or joystick button to LUAToggle.... and it worked. No fumbling with 'tricking' multiple axes or reloading keys or editing the ini beyond the first entry.
  6. Please don't be so sensitive - I am not assigning blame, and neither should you. I am commenting on my point of view and providing my experience in hopes that somebody with more knowledge can add to it or whatnot. I don't understand networking, which is why I am here - for you to enlighten me instead of criticizing my words. So if you could do anything on the internet just fine, except download the latest update to your favorite program......what would you do? How would you feel? And who would you ask?
  7. But certainly, something to do with a server setting that doesn't like my network. Liveries and OC updates worked fine. When downloading the full installer, it hangs until it cancels, then I can continue - and it does this until eventually the whole file is done. But I have 0 issues from any other source of download which is odd. The WiFi network is not my own (rental unit in a house), so not much I can do about it. And it's very high speed.
  8. In my case, it's actually some sort of network issue I can't resolve that has to do with PMDG (I'm using a house's WiFi network). No other downloads or streams have issue in my home except for PMDG. I can't download the installer (it hangs) and thus can't download updates either from the CC. I actually have to get the PMDG files downloaded onto my cellphone from my LTE network then manually transfer them to my PC.
  9. It must be my landlord router, which I can't do much about. Tried downloading on my phone via the same WiFi and the problem persists. I was only able to download to my phone via the LTE cell network. Download to my phone, then hook it up to my computer and transfer via USB. What a pain! Sacha
  10. Nothing beyond what comes with Win10
  11. Ok, I'll take a closer look. I'm using Chrome, and I haven't had any issues with other downloads that I have had recently outside of PMDG. Perhaps I'll try Edge. Edit: Edge gave me the same problem. No issues streaming movies, downloading from other sites (recently got another aircraft for XP11), nor other download programs. And that is despite being on a house WiFi in the basement.
  12. Has anyone been experiencing difficulty downloading PMDG files off PMDG's servers? Each time I try to get an update, the download slows to nothing before getting a download failed - network error message. Then I have to resume download and do this several times over before I actually have the complete file. It's quite irritating!
  13. Just realized - you mentioned you downloaded it from Aerosoft.....they may take longer to update their database with new versions as compared to downloading from PMDG directly.
  14. When you downloaded the installer, did you choose to overwrite your old one? If you did, I made the same mistake. Delete the old one completely, THEN download the new one (or place in a new directory).
  15. Problem solved....Even though I thought I overrode my old 777 install zip, I in fact did not. Their zips don't indicate what version I'm putting in, so I was trying to install an older version. I downloaded and put the file elsewhere and it worked fine. Thanks for the responses. It's all the stupid silly stuff that holds us back.
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