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  1. "Vital" is subjective. Flying online requires up to date navdata. The cost of a Garmin update is pricey for simulation. Every other navigation tool in X-Plane is updatable with a Navigraph subscription. Look, I'm not attacking RXP....on the contrary I'm trying to make it better. Updatable navdata would only help them sell more units. There has to be a way to write a code that would disallow Navigraph updates to be used in the actual Garmin units. I absolutely understand Garmin not wanting to give away the store. Not every suggestion requires a defense. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/aviation/announcement-navigation/
  2. I've been addicted to using the 750 lately...I generally love it. However, last evening I was planning a flight from KPNE to KCAK and the STAR indicated by Simbrief wasn't available as the airac data is too old in the 750. Since my plan was to fly online, I was disappointed. The OCD in me kicked in and I couldn't get over not using my original flight plan. I made the flight using the default FMS which went well but it annoyed the hell out me. I just can't understand why the entities involved can't come up with an agreement so that Navigraph navdata could be used. The add on costs almost as much as X-Plane itself....it's a NAVIGATION add-on.....it should have current data. It would be like Flight Factor selling the 767 without engines...but the other systems are modelled. Sales of the 750 would multiply as the only real hesitation for most folks (source: FB) is the navdata issue. Apologies for my rant.....my wife wouldn't listen and frankly, doesn't care.
  3. The Navigraph issue is what is stopping me from purchasing the GTN750 as well. I fly online and need the latest cycle. Navigraph updates would make the purchase a no-brainer. I've seen many FB posts expressing the same disappointment.
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