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  1. FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Good luck, Daniel! USGS does a fairly good job with correcting abnormalities in their data. I have been flying the A2A Skylane quite a bit lately, and I have yet to come across any abnormalities since my first report. For the sake of time and labor, maybe the amount of bugs will stay on the low-end. -Chris
  2. FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Here are some potential anomalies that I found while zipping around in the F-14 over Wyoming earlier today. They are within a few miles or less of each other. They don't seem to be your average tall terrain spikes, but they definitely do not match their surrounding terrain. N44° 36.27' W108° 5.13' N44° 37.78' W108° 5.23' N44° 38.54' W108° 6.61' - Multiple in close proximity. (pictured below)
  3. FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Daniel, Is there any way you could upload part 11 to a different server? Google Drive maybe? My last two download attempts have yielded a corrupt file. It also seems like there are a lot of people attempting to re/download this file as I'm only averaging about 68kbps, (5-6hrs per attempt) whereas the other files were about 6-7mbps. Having two different sources will take a bit of the load off of the mediafire servers. Looking forward to testing this mesh out.