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  1. christopherbritton

    FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Daniel, hopefully you are doing well. I spotted a small spike along the NW Florida Coast near N30* 10.01' W85* 48.24' It's the first anomaly I have seen in quite a while.. -Chris
  2. christopherbritton

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    Just curious. While the program was compiling the BGLs, the INF stated "CompressionQuality=100" Is there any way that we can edit the compression quality? Although 100 is lossless compression, it produces quite large files. I typically like to use a value of 85 as it's a fairly reasonable file size to quality trade-off. Also, while I'm thinking about it, would there be a way to tell the program to group multiple images together in the INF instead of generating one BGL from one BMP and it's accompanying Mask? Too many BGLs in an area can lead to stuttering. I appreciate the work that has been done to bring this program to us users using P3D. -Chris
  3. christopherbritton

    FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Good luck, Daniel! USGS does a fairly good job with correcting abnormalities in their data. I have been flying the A2A Skylane quite a bit lately, and I have yet to come across any abnormalities since my first report. For the sake of time and labor, maybe the amount of bugs will stay on the low-end. -Chris
  4. christopherbritton

    FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Here are some potential anomalies that I found while zipping around in the F-14 over Wyoming earlier today. They are within a few miles or less of each other. They don't seem to be your average tall terrain spikes, but they definitely do not match their surrounding terrain. N44° 36.27' W108° 5.13' N44° 37.78' W108° 5.23' N44° 38.54' W108° 6.61' - Multiple in close proximity. (pictured below)
  5. christopherbritton

    FreeMeshX USA Open Beta Announcement

    Daniel, Is there any way you could upload part 11 to a different server? Google Drive maybe? My last two download attempts have yielded a corrupt file. It also seems like there are a lot of people attempting to re/download this file as I'm only averaging about 68kbps, (5-6hrs per attempt) whereas the other files were about 6-7mbps. Having two different sources will take a bit of the load off of the mediafire servers. Looking forward to testing this mesh out.