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  1. I have saitek X55 throttle.. I may have mixture set up on it without me knowing. I'll have a look now and get back.
  2. Yeah that's how I found that thread and I have the modded one eleven but it is playing up.. Let's see what info I can get lol. I probably done something wrong knowing me.
  3. Yeah and thanks for the warning. I had no idea this had been open and it was illegal to post on a 2 year old post!.
  4. Hi there. I have issues with the engines. They have a strange spooling motion especially when idling they bounce up and down and then when cutting the fuel off they engines continue to spin. I have no idea what I have done wrong.
  5. Hi there.. Im having a problem with the engines. The fluctuate back and forth when idling and they never seem to shut down completely.. Any idea what I have done wrong. I am lost. Cheers.
  6. Also is it going to be available for us and to clarify it is for Fs2004 as well?.
  7. Is this still ongoing?.. Cos it looks fantastic.. I tried using RFP 747V2 again since I recently re-installed Fs2004 and I cant use the old one now.. Looks so dated.
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