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  1. https://www.mudspike.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/P3D-PMDG-747-400-Guide.pdf One of the greatest guides of the PMDG 747-400, a good look at all the different aspects in color, plus another tutorial. Hope you like it. Jacobus Homan
  2. Thanks RODON, something seriously to consider.
  3. Thank you for your fast reply, you are absolutely correct, my PMDG 737 and 777 have the AIRAC 1309 Aug/Sep 18/2013 and now the new PMDG 747 V3 have the same airac. This is absolutely grazy that the default can not overwrite the newer version, this should be corrected by PMDG or to make the client be aware of this problem and how to fix it. Thanks again, Jacobus Homan
  4. I recently purchased the new PMDG 747 V3, I noticed that the Airac is 5 years out of date, so, the tutorial does not comply with the Airac information, the KSFO arrival page indicate a total different STAR selection, there is no DYAMD3 STAR. Why not include an update AIRAC right from the start, this makes no sense, I can not use the DYAMD THREE ARRIVAL because it does not exist on the STARS page. Please anybody Thank you Jacobus Homan
  5. jhoman

    PMDG 777 sinks

    I have a problem landing on the runway without the front gear sinking into the pavement of the runway. I just purchased the Megascenery New York and flying from KIAD to KJFK, landing on rw 19L, however, the flight is without problems until I land on the runway and the front gear sinks into the runway and the flight comes to an end. Anybody has any idea what the problem might be ? Appreciate any response, thank you Jacobus Homan
  6. Every time I am flying the PMDG 777 300, my FMC indicates at the bottom section the following message " FLT NUMBER UPLINK " what does this message mean. Any reply would be appreciated, thank you. Jacobus Homan
  7. Thanks Jim for your fast reply, really appreciate it, the problem was that specific airport from FSX, so no designated airport, after this, I flew from KSFO to KLAX and landing was great. Have a great weekend Jac
  8. Every time I land on the runway of KJFK, the Boeing 777-300 touch the runway and only the front wheels sink into the runway, I have never had this problem before, while the whole flight was flawless only the touch down on the runway is a mystery to me. Hopeful, somebody out there would have a solution. Thank you in advance, appreciate any reply. Jacobus Homan
  9. Thank you all for your contribution to my request, a fast reply was very much appreciated. Again my thanks. Jacobus Homan
  10. During flight preparation in tutorial # 1.5, page 31, I am unable to uplink the route KIAD-EDDM, I enter PFO103 in the Flight Number Field, then press REQUEST, this particular route does not show up. Am I missing a step somewhere, it states on page 8 that the tutorial includes AIRAC 1309, but that the tutorial is written for AIRAC 1410, would this have been the problem? Thank you for any answers you might have on this matter. Jacobus Homan
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