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  1. My first RTW was the third race.I joined the FlightSim team, and had some interesting practice sessions before the race across Russia in the snow and ice before the race. I quickly learned my flying habits were not sharp enough.I worked at it, and when the race started - it was a jump into the deep end. We didn't have a kickoff event that year, and only learned the race start point and key route elements two hours before the race start.We took off from Cairo just as dusk was falling. The first leg was assigned to my fellow newbie practice buddy as all the 'old hands' were working on the route. His direction from the team 'leaders' was to head west as fast and as far as possible. We didn't have the wingman that year. Legs were flown alone and everything rested on your shoulders.After his flight, an experienced pilot took the baton and I was up for the third leg. He had misfigured his fuel and twice changed his destination airport, finally landing at Basrah in Iraq (ORMM) - I took off for Kerma in Iran (OIKK) in the FSD Piaggio Avanti. That is one fast, hot plane, but you also have to fly it carefully watching to not overspeed.Then I discovered about 40 miles out that Kerma does not have an ILS. A night landing on a never practiced airport with no ILS in a touchy plane. I still don't know how I made it, but I did. I've made plenty of mistakes over the years. Crashed the plane on a couple flights - saved a couple other flights as wingman. Every minute of the experience was worth it!!!As Bryan said - joining this race was the best Flight Sim decision I've ever made.Get in touch with the team, join in. You will not regret your decision.
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