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  1. Well, i have a high end pc (4.8 GHZ I7700K, GTX1070 OC etc.) and every scenery works fine for me. But KMIA v5 has not a good performance on my system! I tried everything (disable static aircraft etc.) but my system is not able to handle this scenery... hmm.
  2. Okay, thank you. For example: There is no need to do changes with Lufthansa liveries, right? There is noch bare metal, actually 😉
  3. Will it be possible to use my own repaints with PBR "out of the box", or do i have to create them again? I red that there will be a new paintkit.
  4. Really??? There isn´t even an anouncement that an update for the 777 is planned yet.
  5. Hello Captains. At the simulation settings page (fmc) we can enable or disable the "HI IDLE ON FLARE" option. I red the manual but i still don´t undrestand what this option is good for. Should i enable this option for getting the most realistic flying experience?
  6. Hello! While i´m working on a new repaint for my 747-8I i saw that there is no weather and dirt layer for the engines (pmdg_747X_engines.psd). Is there a chance of an update for the Paintkit?
  7. Thanks Kyle...this point should be included into the -8 Introdution/ FCOM i guess!
  8. Is it possible that the tank/ engine system is a bit different in a 747-8? I´m getting the FUEL/TANK ENGINE message in a -8 when main tank 1 and 4 contains about 16,000 Kg and main 2 and 3 contains about 20.000kg. So the quantity of tank 1 is equal to 4 and 2 is equal to 3. I thought that all 4 main tanks should contain nearly the same amount of fuel after the "FUEL/TANK ENG" message.
  9. Oh man, sorry! I overread that... shame on me^^. What could be the benefit of choosing the "pack flow econ mode" for an airline?
  10. Hello Pilots! I´ve two questions so far: 1. At the Equipment option page (FMC) there is an opton for enable the "Pack Flow Econ Mode". I found no description in the manuals about what this system does when enable this function. Do you have an explantation? 2. When do i activate "HI Flow" for the air-packs?
  11. Nice! There are some 777 updates in pipeline? 😉
  12. Yes, but i released the back pressure of the yoke right after touchdown... i mean this wasn´t my first landing with a T7 ;)! Well, i really think that PMDG should give us a little update. Like i said: The Autothrottle reaction is a little bit too slow, especially when landing during windy conditions. Some folks are disengage the AT right after they disengaged the AP, but this is not a common procedure in a T7. Always AT engaged and Vref+5! PS: Da scheint tatsächlich etwas nicht zu stimmen! 😉
  13. Well, i don´t think that pushing the yoke forward to get the nose down after touchdown is a common procedure. The nose should sink by itself.
  14. The nose stayed in the air by itself. I saw the same effect like the topic starter. His YouTube Video shows exactly what i discovered.
  15. Okay, i discovered the same "issue" a couple of minutes ago (P3Dv4.4). Just touched down at KEWR, weather was gusty (AS) and the nose gear stayed in the air and no reverse thrust kicked in. I´ve never saw this issue before and i´m really trained in landing the T7. The Autothrottle reaction is a little bit too slow, too. I think PMDG should give us an update for the T7.
  16. Do i leave the autothrottle enganged during a manual landing with a 747-8? I saw lots of videos where simmers leave AT on when AP was off. The question is if i can leave the autothrottle enganged during a manual landing, like i normally do with a T7?!
  17. Is it common to leave autothrottle on during the whole landing?
  18. I bought this scenery and it´s really stunning! Finally a good south african scenery
  19. FSDG released FACT finally a couple of days ago. This destination is stunning!
  20. Nice functions! But what happens when i´m entering the "wrong" ETD UTC for my ACARS login etc.? It doesn´t matter, right?
  21. Okay, but is it possible to leave the autothrottle engaged during the whole landing?
  22. Did he left the Autothrottle enganged during the whole landing?
  23. I´m a fsx user, too. Are the frames the same as with the PMDG T7?
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