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  1. Jim, this is the only way to turn : with brakes. Cirruses, like many new a/c have a floating (non-steerable) front wheel. <_<
  2. Yes, thanks Bert, this is welcome, what you've done basically is to reinstall Sandel's original arrangement on the EHSI. Precise and in front of your glasses, not by your shoes !
  3. dozzy177

    CO Routes

    Sorry, that means nothing to me...What I had in mind, and this is an example: I have 100's of FP kindly passed on by Just Flight (in *.txt form) with their free 757. So, I wondered if there was a way to adapt /copy them to enter them directly in the FMC, say as company routes ?
  4. dozzy177

    CO Routes

    Saving routes without SIDS & STARS makes ample sense. By the way, is there a place, site, where one could load such routes ?I don't see myself buying up all the maps of the world in order to lay down routes for my personal sim flying.Any help there would be welcome.Thanks
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