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  1. Hello, I have decided that it is time to replace my ancient monstrosity of a monitor with something new and shiny. The budget is on the order of £250 to £300. Currently I have come across things such as this and this. I am looking for in the range of 24" to 27" and I do not care about 3D. Any help sorting through the mountain of options is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Will
  2. Hi, I am looking at getting a new mouse (mostly since I lost the wireless receiver for the current one). For a while I have done just fine with a fairly ordinary mouse but this time I am considering something a big nicer. This has led me to wonder just how much better are these flashy gaming mice (e.g. the Logitech G700s), are they really worth the extra cost and can you recommend any in particular? Same sort of question for keyboards. On a not entirely unrelated note, can you recommend a good monitor for a few hundred pounds (say 300-400, but more if it's really worth it) (I know that's a bit vague, but I don't really know what costs what). And also a headset (that is capable of having TrackIR attached to it). Thanks for any advice, I realise there are quite a few different questions here! Will
  3. Hello, I will soon be going to University (physics, of course ) and will be getting a laptop. It will mostly be used for work however I would also like it to be able to run games, including FSX (although I realise it is a very demanding program, esspecially with addons). The budget is £400. Thanks,
  4. FCOM vol 2 page 1135, PROGRAM PIN ERROR. FMC connector wiring is incorrect. System unusable; advise maintenance personnel. The CLR key will not clear the message. Do you have maintenance failures active? Either way, check the CDU for any active malfunctions if it happens again.
  5. When you make a control input with your hardware, does the yoke in the virtual cockpit follow your input accurately, does it keep jumping to the centre etc? If you put the control possition display on the lower display unit (have a look in the CDU options for how to do this), how do they correspond to your hardware inputs/position of the yoke in the VC?
  6. It's probably best if you explain the problem better e.g. when exactly this happens, what hardware/addons you use etc, as knowledgable as some of us are on these things (not me) we're not psychic. Also it is compulsory on these forums to sign posts with your real name.
  7. Hello, I know there are loads of topics like this but all the information is convoluted around many threads and there is conflicting advice and outdated ideas etc. In short I am looking for a new monitor, budget ≈ £200. I use TrackIR so a response time of at most 2ms is required. Apart from that I don't really know just how much of an improvement certain things are for example 1440p compared to 1080p. http://www.amazon.co.uk/VE278Q-Widescreen-Display-Response-Picture/dp/B0041RXPQY/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1354365684&sr=1-1 is a little over budget but seems to be rather good. Ideas? Thanks,
  8. I might have completely the wrong end of the stick here but, to my understanding, third party weather (e.g. Acive Sky) injects the weather itself hence avoids the problems of FSX weather radar (Active Sky even has its own WXR). So would it be possible for PMDG to do a WXR (fully integrated into the ND etc) for third party weather users? Yes, users of default weather wouldn't be able to use it (at least not with 100% accuracy) but I'm guessing most people here use third party weather anyway. As I said, perhaps I have completely misunderstood the problems with WXR and this is complete giberish. Hopefully not.
  9. What do people think of these two? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-S27B550VS-27-inch-Widescreen/dp/tech-data/B0077L2MD8/ref=de_a_smtd http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-S27A550H-inch-Widescreen-monitor/dp/tech-data/B004O6ADGM/ref=de_a_smtd
  10. I hear that, especially with TrackIR, a response time of 2ms or less is pretty much a necessity.
  11. W1ll

    PMDG 777 EFB

    People! If PMDG can do it realistically they will! PMDG keep saying this and it really is that simple!
  12. Do you have Active Sky running with "Wake Turbulence" enabled by any chance?
  13. Possibly for pilot familiarization or for pilots to keep up to date between simulator check-ups, not sure about official training recognition....
  14. Is this the active thread for this or is it the "Official Groundroll Enhancement Thread"?
  15. I believe (don't quote me on this, I just remember reading it somewhere on the PMDG forum, it might not have even been a PMDG staff member who said it) that PMDG have an agreement with LDS that PMDG will not develop a 757...
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