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  1. I did have to descent through an ice layer - I did so anyway, but yes, there were a few pauses for thought during the end of the cruise. Many thanks - Happy New Year! Max Castro
  2. Any news on the release of Traffic Global? Also, will it include Cargo + Comm per their screenshot - would love if anyone was any updated info. Thanks! Max Castro
  3. Happy Holidays!! ..would love to see those plane models you have on the table...
  4. Capt. Randazzo, Thanks again for your insight - very much appreciated. Happy Holidays, Max Castro
  5. Dan - thanks very much - greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays, Max Castro
  6. Capt. Randazzo, Many thanks for your explanation - highly valuable and what I was looking for. If I may ask 1 more question on the Turbulence front: Will my 747QOTSII react to the simulated weather by AS outside of just bouncing around. As in, will the airframe fail more quickly, or have more "service based failures" if I flew it in adverse weather everyday vs clear and blue skies? Im curious if the weather set in the sim by AS has a direct impact on how the aircraft "lives and breathes" or it weather acts purely as a simulation method (adding much more bounce) without impact to the 747QOTSII's overall health. I know you guys are always creating stuff that is "ahead of its time," so Im curious as to the relationship between the aircraft itself and the weather. Many thanks again! You guys are rad af! Max Castro
  7. Totally hear you on the realism - thanks for sharing. Max Castro
  8. Opps! I always forget my last name!! Thanks a lot for the info - would love to hear if other people experience real icing. Max Castro
  9. Hey Everybody, Hope y'all in the US had a nice Thanksgiving! I was flying JFK-DEN - I don't have the METAR but I set up some custom weather which was very rough (at DEN). After flying through about 80 miles of weather, at 20 miles from DEN the sim stopped stating "Crash - Aircraft Over-stressed." I am curious about the following points and looking for insight: Does PMDG internally record stress - as in, does aircraft stress from weather, or any sort of movement, negatively impact the aircraft which can cause damage/faults (that would show up in the FMC Failure section)? Alternatively, if I uncheck "Aircraft Stress Causes Crash" in the P3D settings - and I continue flying with the plane bouncing everywhere, does this make a difference to the internal settings of PMDG - and how the FMC records failures/faults? By unchecking - am I hindering the realism of the PMDG settings (not reality, where I know the plane would break apart anyway)? What do you guys do? Do you guys like to fly through hell and keep the setting un-checked? Icing - is this simulated in P3D and 747QOTSII? I tried to leave the plane on the tarmac once for 2 hours just sitting there, and then started up the engines and took off just fine without icing being turned on - curious if this is simulated or if I need to update a setting? Many thanks for y'alls insights! Best, Max
  10. Hey Chris - I have to say that being the admin, I didnt realize you have to right click and and specifically select running the app that way. Thanks very much! Max
  11. Hey Everyone, Long time PMDG fan, just got the P3Dv4 747v3 and need some help: 1. Using the Iberia livery from Avsim...when I config the AC (equipment/displays etc.) and I quit P3D, nothing saves when I get back into the airplane later on. It reverts back to the original setup. How can I get it to save the AC State? 2. I set up the panel how I like it for Cold & Dark - in the FMC i click save panel state, give it a name, put the name in LS1 and click Execute. The display reads that the panel state is saved, but how do I access it again? When i click to load panel states, it only gives me the 4 standard PMDG states, and not the name of the panel "created." Would appreciate insight and steps how to solve 1 and 2. Much Thanks, Max
  12. I did a clean install of P3Dv4 - my first P3D product, and then did a clean install of TIR - note that I just wiped and upgraded my system completely and installed W10. TIR did not work - but this fixed it - understand it may not work for everyone: Run the SIMCONNECT installer found here: P3D folder/redist/interface/fsx-sp2-xpack/under/retail/lib Thats it. Max
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