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  1. Alright well maybe the answer to this question will fix my issue, For calculating the Vref speed you just line select it in the Approach Ref Page? where you set the flaps in the FMC? Or is there more to this? Derek
  2. This is definitly what my landings should look like, but they dont.Safir, is this with the "Drag Scaler" Fix??? Derek
  3. Roughly the majority of my approach speeds are about 148-150
  4. I almost always land Flaps 30 VREF+5I will make this clear though, When landing the aircraft does flare properly its just on the final decent like after capturing the G/S that it is slightly negative attitude
  5. HAHA Believe me I know, and I cant figure out why. Derek
  6. I've done a mix from light to medium load to heavy loads and the same result each time Addition:My landing rates are awesome usually around 95-150 FPMbut it annoys me watching my bird come in "Flat" or slightly negative additude. Never in my life have I seen a -800 come in like that lol and I watch dozens of WestJet's come in daily.
  7. I've done so many approaches with this bird already ILS, Visual, TONS! And never once has the attitude been positive for me when coming in. Its always been nose right at 0 or slightly negative and then the flare is initiated, I do however wish that it would come in with a positive attitude Derek
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