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  1. Hello all, I tried to find a list of P3D airplanes that are supported in the native VR and I cannot. I am seriously considering to move from X-plane 11 if high fidelity models are available. I am very much interested about Aerosoft Airbuses, QW787 and Majestic Dash. How are these working in VR ? Can anyone advise ? Many thanks !
  2. Yes - task manager should show you the amount of threads in use. Would you mind sharing your P3d config ?
  3. I am out of ideas how to fix this. Maybe you could help please ? FFT is 0.01 - I've got HT off, Affinity mask off i7-3770k @4.5GHz and my P3d looks really bad. It looks lovely close to the aircraft but horrible and flat far away. I'd appreciate any advice ! Screenshot below:
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