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  1. Hi, I really appreciate all of your advice ! It sounds like I can't go wrong so will see what I feel like in the morning. If its as good as it sounds I will probably end up with both eventually! Cheers BP76
  2. Hi, Q1 I was going to buy the Spitfire but I think the Mustang might be newer. Is the Mustang a better product? Q2 find the A2a website quite confusing. I think I have to buy a plane, various different grades,presumeably the SPit and Mustang are highest?, then buy Accu sim to get the wear and tear, then maybe accufeel ? Is Is Accusim and Accufeel worth it? All opinions welcomed! Thanks BP76
  3. Just popped in to say, I am up and running again. I needed to Tick "enable live camera control" but UN-tick both boxes within there, one of which was "enable TrackIR". For someone not wanting OPUS to interfere with my TrackIR this seemed counterintuitive, but maybe thats just me. Whatever its working the way I want it to again. phew.
  4. Hi Stephen, Thanks for your help, I dont have time to fiddle with it now so I will try again after the weekend. I did already think the flicker was because both programs were tring to contorl my viewpoint. But it seems to me that if I turn off "enable live camera control" then TIR should work to control my FSX view point the same as before with no interference from OPUS. Im sure this is how it was working before. Cheers BP76 (...but if I turn off enable live camera control it seems to kill TIR within FSX completely, which I dont want)
  5. Hi Stephen, I downloaded and installed te new version, then noticed the BEta so installed that instead. I also upgraded TIR to see OPUS. But my TIR stopped working normally: If I only want to use the weather engine I have the "enable live camera control" ticked off. Then TIR doesnt work. If I enable it then there are frequent jumps in the view point as if between two very closely located camera views, it is unuseable. I saw in the flight 1 forum about renaming the simconnect files in TIR program files but that didnt help. Then I gave up on the beta and reinstalled the latest version but it was still misbehaving. As soon as I turn off FSX server then my TIR and FSX behave perfectly together. I just want to use the weather engine with no OPUS interference with my normal TIR. That was fine before but it seems to have changed now.
  6. I am trying to beat the blurries too, but my computer is nowhere near your spec. Have you tried Kostas' latest tweaks instead? I have tried both Bojotes and Kostas back to back and Kostas worked better for me for this - was getting stutters on Bojotes. Basically I cant go over 300knots at low level or my hard drive cant keep up. I think. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/370594-read-before-posting-software-hardware-guide-for-fsx/
  7. I reckon you should bin that flight plan. Dont try and emulate something from FS98 or whatever, life is complicated enough. Just get a new flight plan, a real one, use the VORs in FSX, and / or use the FMC. There are websites where you can download a real flight plan for the trip from Denver to Dallas or whatever your trying to do. Real 737 pilot does not have a list of headings, at least not that he is actuallly following. He simply has a clearance; join airway ABC123 at intersection XYZ and leave at XZY. He is not flying around fiddling with the CDI. He is flying magenta line on his PFD. In fact the autpilot is doing it all in LNAV mode. So what your doing is not realistic for 737, after 200 series anyway. I think you are being a bit rude to J van E, who is trying to help and has better things to do. He very well knows about courses and headings, he also knows what a CDI is.
  8. Yeah thats what I meant, but not in so many words. If the OP is using the headings he calculated then that would be the source of the problem, but I was giving him more credit than that. It sounds to me like he knows very well what radials are supposed to intersect to define his airway. Maybe I have misunderstood.
  9. Thats a good answer, but I think the OP is having to navigate OUT on a specific radial for a certain distance (probably it defines the airway) to the half way point, and then navigating IN on the second VOR. e.g. I would expect (in RL) that I could dial in (for example) the 330 radial which might define a particular airway. I would head NW along that radial and at the half way point tune in the VOR at the other end of the segment and come IN along the 150 radial. In RL for the VORs would be close enough (if they were defining a airway segment) such that the difference in magnetic variation between them was negligible. Tried to download the .zip but it wouldnt
  10. I will try and take a look after work but I am going to be quite busy trying to modify my setup to try out DX10 mode again. Hopefully someone else will pop by with the solution shortly!
  11. What does the map show? you could make a screen dump with print screen.
  12. Its a tricky subject, the VORs are aligned to magnetic north, are you using magnetic north? The HSI should be aligned to magnetic north though, It could just be that its all out of date and out of sync, i.e. the VORs are pointing to what was magnetic north 7 years ago but your using a flight planning software with todays variation. I have never noticed it as a problem in the sim with the VORs though. There is often a difference between the runway headings and what modern plates will show. What are you flying? a modern 737 actually automatically uses a combination of INS (and I think GPS) for positioning and only cross references with the VORs to chek for inertial drif, so use the FMC for navigation. If you are flying a GA type such as a Baron then you probably would be daisy chaining VORs together into a route, then your a bit stuffed.
  13. Yeah but theres some things you need a chopper for. I have just got the PlayHorizon Scotland North scenery (covers where I live) and it is amazing. I have had some of my best sim moments ever in that dodo, trying to land on my favorite mountain tops or exploring tracks I intend to go mountain biking on in RL. Its definately worth it, you can almost forget the horrible cockpit.
  14. Hi Jerome, Im glad you like them. To be honest Im not 100% sure what my cloud textures are, but they are almost defiantely REX, low res. I set them up a long time ago and never bothered changing them again. How would I post my texture config. Is that allowed? P.S. if you look at the other OPUS thread I posted some other ones.
  15. I love flying the dodo but the VC is a huge disappointment. Its so default FS2004. I wish someone would sort it out, or even better the Dodo people would start again with a Hughes 500. Now that is a sexy chopper. Generally though your looking outside 99% of the time so it doesnt really matter. I couldnt fly it very well untill I discovered (actually read in the manual I think) to zoom right out. 30%. Then you get proper depth perception. (might not be necassary with wideview=true though)
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