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  1. Ok, I figured it out. For everyone, who wants to use static aircraft injected by WAMA you have to do the following: 1) Do the steps as provided in Olivers post above 2) Download the latest version of ModelConverter X (https://www.scenerydesign.org/development-releases/) 3) Import the .mdl file of the model you want to use and use the "animation editor" inside of ModelConverterX to lock the landing gear of the airplane in place in the extended position (refer to MCX manual). 4) Export the model to an .mdl file and replace the .mdl file inside the folder you created in step 1) (do not replace the .mdl file in the original folder of the model!) Now your static aircraft will be displayed with gear down and will not be removed by the FSUIPC traffic limiter. Cheers David P.S.: Do you think you could add an option into WAMA, so that step 1) is done automatically, Oliver? This way the user would just have to replace the .mdl file with the edited one and would not have to do all the renaming and .cfg changing manually.
  2. Thanks for your answer, Oliver. I will experiment a bit further with the categories. I might also look into ModelConverterX. From what I have seen it is fairly easy to use and can convert bgl files which can then be placed using ADE or SimDirector.
  3. Ok, I have done some testing now and your method works great, Oliver! The only problem is, that the aircraft (wich the simulator now handles as objects) are displayed in their flying state, i.e. gear up. Is there any way to edit the config file in such a way, that the default state for the aircraft is to be displayed with the gear extended? Thanks! David
  4. Thank you for your super quick reply! I will try that tomorrow and report back.
  5. Hi all, I am really enjoying WAMA for placing static aircraft at my favorite airports! Unfortunately, I stumbled across a problem: I am using the FSUIPC AI Planes Limiter (set to 50) to reduce the amount of AI planes around me to get better performance. Unfortunately, the limiter not only removes my AI planes but also the WAMA static airplanes and my saved aircraft positions. Is there a way to "tell" FSUIPC not to remove those? Maybe flag the static aircraft placed by WAMA not ais AI planes but as scenery objects? Or by configuring FSUIPC so that it excludes the WAMA aircraft from removing? BTW: I am using the "create aircraft as objects" option. Thanks! David
  6. I found the solution: The FPS drop is caused by the freeware night lighting tool SlimLights by Rainer Kunst. I deactivated it in the scenery library and now everything works fine. It is a great program, but seems to cause some problems in certain circumstances. I will contact Rainer to see whether he can find a solution.
  7. Here is another video from Budapest. The problem obviously is independent of the used aircraft and seems to also be independent from whether you are at an airport or not. If the line happens to cross airport scenery you will notice it, if not you have no FPS problems.
  8. Merry Christmas! Thanks for all your answers. I have installed FTX Global, Vector and EU LC. I already tried to increase my LOD setting to ultra (when doing that the position of the line should shift in theory - since I should then be inside the critical area and not just at the edge) but nothing happened. I also disabled all Vector entries in the scenery library - nothing happened aswell. Btw, the line seems to stretch way beyond the airport are: In my opinion, the GPU is the issue. Something is telling the GPU that it is not needed on the "bad side" of the line. As soon as I cross it again, the GPU usage increases. In this video, note how the GPU is at highest clock speed in the good side and immediately throttles wehn on the bad side:
  9. I did some more research and found that when crossing this "magic line" the GPU Power consumption drops aprubtly (see video below). Maybe someone has an idea what coukd cause the power consumption to drop? I am using an RTX 2080
  10. Hi guys, I am experiencing a very weird issue in multiple sceneries with my P3D V4.4 installation right now: I am happy with my overall performance, however my FPS drops by about 30-40% repeatedly when crossing a "magic line" in the scenery. When I go back over this line, my frames go back to normal. This happens no matter whether an airport scenery is installed or not. I have recorded a few videos to demonstrate my problem. Do you have any ideas, what could cause this?
  11. You are probably right, thanks - I will try that. Regards David
  12. Hi guys, I am flying the 747 (what a great machine btw!) with the captains CDU undocked to a second monitor. (P3Dv4, Win10). Here is my problem: After several minutes (usually when I have done all my preperations and lined up on the runway) I experience frame lags about every second. That means the my frames drop e.g. from 30 to about 5-7 for a few milliseconds before going up again and this process repeats - as I said in an intervall of avout a second. To me it looks like the CPU prioritizes another task in that short time period before going back to the sim. Interestingly this immediately stops when I close the undocked CDU window and a get steady frames. I also noticed that when I leave the CDU docked for several minutes of the flight (~20-30) I can then undock the CDU pop-up window again and fly for some time before the issue reappears. Any ideas what could cause this? Thanks David
  13. Hi guys, thanks a lot for your help. Fortunately I found a solution. Instead of the change I posted above, just change the coordinates of the displayed CDU gauge (much like in your tutorial for the PMDG 777, Roar). The new line should look like this: "gauge00=PMDG_737NGX!CDU, -90,-120,570,1645,L #0" Regards David
  14. Hi all, I am using an additional monitor to display the CDU of the NGX. When I undock the CDU and use it on my second monitor I dont have any noticable framerate impact. (I am using P3D V3) However, I would like to have only the CDU display without the actual CDU gauge around it. As stated in multiple posts regarding this topic the only thing you gave to do is renaming "gauge00=PMDG_737NGX!CDU, 0,0,385,600,L #0" in the panel.cfg to "gauge00=PMDG_737NGX!CDU_Screen, 0,0,385,600,L #0". This does indeed work - when clicking the CDU in the VC only the CDU display shows up. I am having the following problem though: When I click on the CDU with the tweak applied (no CDU gauge, only display), my frames drop by about 30%. Without the change in the panel.cfg (the default state with the CDU gauge) my frames remain basically untouched. Does anyone have an idea what could cause this issue? The frame drop seems odd to me, since the computer basically renders the same thing without the actual CDU gauge (only display). I am glad for any idea/advise. Thanks! David
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