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  1. That is a very solid setup, will serve you for years to come.
  2. He discusses this briefly in the video, worth checking it out. ( Btw if you mentioned things like manifold pressure to me yesterday i would have gone all slack-jawed and “durrr” 😀)
  3. Hi all, I am trying to work out the intricacies of flying with a variable pitch propeller, and found this youtube video very helpful. There might be fellow simmers who are, just like me, unsure of how to properly operate the infamous blue prop lever, and how an airplane with a constant speed propeller works. Try this link, I hope you find it as useful as I did.
  4. I think its a work in progress, the more people who share their flightplans, the more options there will be for others. I just like the idea and hope it will grow bigger in the coming months.
  5. Just came across this website https://worldtour.flights/ Its a website where users can upload flightplans, so you can download them. You can browse flightplans by terrain type, region, flight time etc, so you can select the right flightplan for your current mood and just start flying.
  6. And was that two months after the release of FSX? Thought not, it was a hot mess for a long time after its release....
  7. Thanks for the workaround, got my goflight throttle working again without CTD. Awesome!
  8. Great, looking forward to it, flying without a throttle sucks...
  9. Found out that my CTD is caused by my Go-Flight TQ6 throttle quadrant. Without it I can start the sim just fine with my other USB peripherals ( Honeycomb Alpha, Logitech radio panel and CH rudder pedals ) For me the USB hub is not the problem, I can run the sim just fine with my logitech panel through the hub. When I connect the throttle it always gives me a CTD, tried it via the hub and via the mainboard USB port, both gave a CTD. I hope it gets fixed soon, dont want to fly without a throttle control.... Edit: and I must say, after a first short round, its a smooth ride with a lot crispier graphics, so hoping for a fix soon...
  10. Will try this after updating my windows and nvidia drivers. Although that would mean I need to fly without my trusted honeycomb alpha.....😢
  11. Same here, get CTD at exactly the same point. Never had issues before this update, empty communities folder...
  12. Can you tell something about your experience so far?
  13. I just saw that there is an addon for MSFS available, named FS academy IFR ( FS Academy - IFR ). I would love to learn the ropes of IFR flying step by step, so it seems like a great add on. Does anybody have experience with this program and would you recommend it?
  14. Got my honeycomb a few weeks ago and I can confirm its an incredible product. The 180 degree range on both sides makes a world of difference, and my landings have improved a lot since I replaced my saitek yoke with the alpha. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the bravo throttle, already pre ordered and expected to ship mid december.
  15. Make sure you have Bing streaming data set to “on” in the settings. There were some reports that this option changed itself to “off” after the latest patch, resulting in awful graphics.
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