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  1. rich1241

    Altimeter problem

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread but I'm having this exact issue (as described in the first post) Any ideas? Cheers, Rich H
  2. rich1241

    AI Reducing?

    Thanks for your help and quick reply - turning the target slider to OFF seems to have worked a treat! Cheers
  3. rich1241

    AI Reducing?

    Hi, I'm having a bit of an odd problem....FSX has been working fine for months but recently my AI has been reducing by itself. What I mean by this is I start off at any airport with full ai, and give it 30 seconds or so and it seems to reduce by about half, then the same again and then same until only around1 ai aircraft remains? I am checking this also by right clicking and seeing the list of ai aircraft getting much smaller, after starting off full. I use UT2 and WOAI and haven't had any issues. Any ideas for a solution or whats causing this? (Just in case related I was having some issues with GSX after installing latest update, where FSX would just quit straightaway after loading. I've now removed GSX and FSX no longer quits and doesn't seem to have any issue except for AI?) Hope that makes sense, cheers, Rich
  4. rich1241

    Airport elevation

    From one problem to another - I was having this elevation problem at Rome (LIRA) Airport too. Now fixed by disabling it but now cannot use GSX at that airport. Any ideas how I can fix that? Thanks
  5. rich1241

    Airport elevation

    Sorry for the late reply - I've been on holiday. Yes it is odd but at least its now fixed!
  6. rich1241

    Airport elevation

    Many thanks for your help. I have ran AEC again and nothing changed. However, I added the airport to "AEC is disabled" side and all working fine again now. So all resolved! Many thanks, Rich
  7. rich1241

    Airport elevation

    Hi, Just did a short flight into Tenerife and was greeted with this. Any ideas? (I have base, vector and openLC europe installed) Thanks, Rich
  8. rich1241

    UK extra land!?

    Hi, Many, many thanks for everyone's help - I'm glad to say the solution was here ( in the link that Soeren provided. Now all fixed - thanks again. Cheers, Rich
  9. rich1241

    UK extra land!?

    Hi, Just did a short flight from Limoges to Liverpool. I have UTX & GEX installed, and also use REX. Noticed that there appears to be a new, very square island near the Isle of Wight! Is there a way to get rid of it? I know in the past I had a similar issue with coastline but in Italy and was asked to run the UTX setup tool - I have tried doing that again and still have same problem. Thanks for any help, Rich