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  1. What an absolute headache this whole show has been! OMG! First of all...trouble with the authorization, and now the Livery Manager crashes every time I try to install a new livery. Is there an easy way around this? PMDG... you gotta get it right before you launch! This has been a real let down experience!After some pissing around... I managed to get it working by running the LiveryMgr as Administrator! Thank you Natural Intellegence!
  2. Finally... after rebooting everything on my computer, and reinstalling everything,... I was given the chance to add my activation code and am finally good to go on PMDG's 737NGX. What a process!Thank you to all those who helped, and convinced me to do so! - I think I will enjoy the weekend now! :)
  3. So much work, when it should work straight away. All their other software works.. not sure why this doesn't.
  4. Thanks...but it still is not appearing - any other clues?
  5. Does anyone have an answer to Activating 737NGX without reinstalling one's entire system? When I install 737NGX, at no stage during the installation do I get to add my key to activate. The program installs no problem, but I am unable to use any function in the cockpit, as all I see is a Black Arrow Cursor, rather than a Hand Cursor. The Plane flies, but again, no animations apart from the landing gear. I have had the program for a couple of weeks now and am still waiting on an answer! It's getting pretty frustrating, not to mention, a waste of time and money. PLEASE HELP! Matt
  6. Has this been fixed yet? Seriously!...what kind of mickey-mouse operation is this! There are a few of us getting pretty damn frustrated over this. We spend $70 and have no luck actually using the 737NGX. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION???
  7. I have a GTX560Ti Card and it works very well... take a look at my specs. I am running FSX full loaded at 30fps
  8. Thanks Ryan... read that! Crock of Garbage! I have all their programs and this is the first I am having an issue with. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. let me know if you hear or see anything. I would appreciate it! Cheers
  9. I am having the same problem here in Canada. I only purchased it 3-4 days ago and while it loads up fine...it's not activated, and I don't have access to any of the functions.
  10. Open up the file that you downloaded and installed orginially. It will give you the option to uninstall, install or repair.Thanks
  11. Contact Support no longer exists. They don't accept emails and have no phone numbers.
  12. The problem is: I see no activation screen to put the key that I have in.
  13. Nope...nothing! Very annoying!... it just installs with no problems.
  14. I am experiencing a real annoyance at the moment and it appears that the hot-fixes do NOT yet address the problems that certain users are experiencing while trying to activate the product. They anticipate that an updated hot-fix for this issue once their licensing partner has been able to identify/resolve the issue. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! - How come this is only affecting a small number of people???
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