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  1. Seriously doubt it. Yes, I'm almost sure that they will be able to fix the bugs, but will not add any missing functionality and an indication. I'm 100% sure! I want to continue my work with FCOM and see all "comprehensive" systems we get from QW.
  2. I advise you to go to their Flight 1 page and read it very carefully. I can quote from their text: Comprehensive Aircraft Systems Simulation incl. Fuel Balancing function Comprehensive Flight Management System incl. SID / STARS Comprehensive EICAS System Realistic RR and GE engine models and matching EICAS indications Accurately Simulated Fly-by-Wire Flight Control System Accurately Simulated Autoflight System with Autoland Capability Accurately Simulated Tuning Control Panel. So I, as a user of their product, can ask about what they promised to me.
  3. It's hundreds of light years for QW to get to the PMDG quality level. For any PMDG model you can take real FCOM read about any system functionality and use these knowledges in simulator. As for the QW model, no one of implemented systems reflect the functionality of the real prototype. And stupidly hope that anyone will be able to fix just pieces of missing functionality and indication on ECAM. Speaking the language of the artist, there are excellent replicas of paintings that contain some differences from the original. These are the PMDG models. QW models provide only a children's drawing.
  4. While most pilots discuss here various bugs of the model, I tried yesterday to go over procedures from the real FCOM. I can say at once that my patience was not enough even for starting engines. So much everything is crookedly executed (IRS alignment, APU start and shut down procedures). In a word, this model does not reflect its real prototype at all. There are many remarks. So I want to ask if anyone else was trying to work with this model with real FCOM and what is your opinion?
  5. I want to share screenshots of my little work over Constellation. Work completed on the two versions of the cockpit. One option that is in the default coloring. And one option made in the colors of the airline KLM: I wanted to share in the forum A2A developers, but unfortunately did not learn to upload screenshots there. And another one:
  6. Excellent! №17 and №19 it's a real art. I want to ask you to share your PTA settings.
  7. Gorgeous screenshots! By the way, if you're a fan of this model, I can share my reworked HD cockpit textures:
  8. Yes, it's love at first sight And I am very pleased that the A2A has created it.
  9. Thank you! I love retro aviation, and Constellation, it's my favorite plane. To be honest, I want to show off my work. These are my reworked textures. A2A cockpit looks as good as new. I want it looks more alive.
  10. Ok, let's start this topic with magnificent Constellation from A2A!
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