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  1. Marcfourneau

    understanding approach charts

    You would fly as directed by atc. Enter via th dme arc from north or south as directed and then follow the loc to the rwy per the descent profile. If not using the direct entry fly to the iaf, CAM, at 3000 then outbound via the track indicated depending on your aircraft type. Make the turn at dme 8 to intercept the inbound course back to CAM (1700 at dme 8) and fly the descent profile. In real world you would rarely fly the full procedure with the outbound turn rather you would be vectored to the loc by atc.
  2. Marcfourneau

    Cant close doors via the FMC

    This is what worked for me with this problem: I had just loaded the weather before closing the doors. When I reset the weather I could open the doors. I think there is some sort of pressure logic that keeps them from closing.
  3. Marcfourneau

    MD-11 appears to work in FSX-Steam Edition

    Works and flies fine for me after the sim connect fix. I completely uninstalled fsx on my system.