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  1. Anyone with an i5 3570k or an i7 3770k, GTX 680 and a Z77 based motherboard test out FSX? Can someone here run GPU-z and tell me if the latest official drivers for the GTX 680 from Nvidia support PCIe 3.0 on Ivy Bridge processors? I read that the latest official drivers for the GTX 680 don't support PCIe 3.0 on SB-E and I want to know if this also true for Ivy Bridge as well? Note: I don't have a GTX 680 but might consider it if PCIe 3.0 will be supported on SB-E processors since I have an i7 3930k and if it makes a noticeable difference in FSX.
  2. I would like to know if it would be worth it to downgrade to an i7 3770k from my i7 3930k if I can sell my i7 3930k for $400 after ebay fees, shipping fees, and paypal fees. I most likely will get very little for my motherboard or maybe won't be able to sell the motherboard because of a minor issue I'm having with it but it does not effect the functionaliy of the board, so I might end up just keeping what I have. I know that I will lose out in load times and texture rendering performance in FSX if I downgrade to 4 cores but will the increased IPC of the Ivy Bridge make up for it and give me a better frame rate than my i7 3930k? I already have a motherboard that I'm not using that supports Ivy Bridge but it's one with the P67 chipset, so that means no PCIe 3.0. So if I downgrade to an i7 3770k from an i7 3930k then I lose 2 cores, lose PCIe 3.0 unless I buy a Z77 series motherboard, lose memory bandwidth, increased single threaded performance, might not get noticeable frame rate difference, end up with a little money on top.
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