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  1. OK Alex ! Thanks for reply and the Right Answer ! No virus detected inside the exe-file, but "Panda Dome" has place the file in quarantaine. Easy to fix. And of course I could have thought of this myself ! Thanks for your help ! Great Program !!! Guus Dekker, Belgium
  2. when I install 2.4.5, "littlenavmap.exe" says "Access Denied." ! And the exe file disappears. What is going on here ?! Greetings, Guus.
  3. Hi, Re-installed EVERYTHING of FSX + ADD-ONs again because I did not know what was going on! Now "everything" in order again ... With FSX & RC4.3. The AIRAC 1906 is "I believe" OK now. I now understand more about the relationship between the various * .csv files between FSX & RC4.3. Some FIRST backup, and what to put back in case of problems. Thank you again for your contributions! Greetings, Guus.
  4. Hello everyone, Thank you for your contributions ! I really appreciate this ! With the AIRAC 1906 there is just transmitting equipment available [KDRO] and therefore NO reason for telephone contact with FSS! What I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT UNDERSTAND is that the DEFAULT Tutorial 8 of RC4.3 is about an UNcontrolled airport (with frequencies disabled) ! Both with the default FSX AIRAC from 2005 and the new one from 2019 have ALWAYS been sending facilities. WHY then such a tutorial ??? !!! There is just something wrong with FSS and frequencies that [in my opinion] should NOT be on an uncontrolled airport ! A telephone HAS NO frequency ! What remains is my problem with the "disappearance" of All FSX VORs after I installed AIRAC 1906! I have quite "fussed" with my "Scenery Library" [I-net, ORBX forum] to improve/get the right sequence (?), but haven't found a solution yet. After 57 hours of trouble shooting without result I will have a "break" ... I brought the "FSAD_APPROACHES" (fsAreoData) to a lower priority (higher number) [Thanks, "w6kd"]. And that solved my problem with the height difference [KDRO] !!! But is NOT TRUE ANYMORE ... @ the moment I am "glad" with FSX DEFAULTS from 2005, NO add-on scenery, No small uncontrolled airfields RC4.3. Thanks Guys. "Talk" to you later ... Greetings, Guus.
  5. Hi Ronzie, Thanks again for your response. Just tonight I read an interesting similar discussion of yours with "djgodden" from 2008 [ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/99965-fss-wx-and-clearance-and-rc-not-going-to -next-ftp / ]. I have copied the "f4.cvs" file to RC4.3. So sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by the last entry ? Entry of KDRO in "runways.txt" ? And what should I find and edit ? I have 3 serious problems with FSX / RC4.3 at the moment: 1. I don't get a CLR response from FSS at uncontrolled airports (item 4-5). 2. KDRO is approximately 10 feet lower than the environment (ORBX). 3. My update to AIRAC 1906 means that I no longer have VORs within FSX. I suppose you're trying to explain whether KDRO and FSX VORs have the right place (layer numbers) in my "Scenery-DataBase". The good news is that I have found the right "Scenery.cfg". Not in the FSX root, but in "MS ProgramData DIR" (hidden file). Greetings, Guus.
  6. Ray, My "scenery.cfg" is a static file from 22-08-2007. No ORBX or any other Add-On ?! I was expecting an up-to-date file with all Add-Ons present. And what should I check within (just installed) ADE ? The "Lists - Libraries Used" says "No Third Party Objects Used". I can not find info about "scenery library" [KDRO]. I update everything again to AIRAC 1906 .RC4.3, LittleNavMap and FSX. Again lots of "Ups and Downs" on KDRO Airfield, 4 scenery layers involved. and no VOR's at all in FSX ...
  7. THAT is a very good summary Ray ! I will follow this info correctly to the number. You talk about "Higher numbers", probably you mean higher PRIORITY, which have LOWER numbers ... [Highest Priority = Lowest number (1)]. Defaults say something like: 161, ORBX say 26. Am I right ? Guus.
  8. My meaning of the last sentence are possible causes who lead to this problem. Partly yes. No ATIS (no transmitting equipment) means: contact FSS for weather and CLR. Un-controlled means [in my opinion], no transmitting equipment to make 2-way communication with the airfield possible. I will continue to solve this HARD Problem ... For now Ray, thanks for your pleasant contribution ! Regards, Guus.
  9. Hi Ray and Ronzie, Thanks you for your advice Ronzie. I have checked the "Multiline Display Window" and it was checked. Yes, Ray, indeed a system change seems to be the cause! However, I don't know the exact moment of the change anymore ... (I spend 11 hours a day at the PC ...) RC4.3 EGCC Wx Brf: 128.17 Clearance: 121.70 Ground: 125.37 Tower: 119.52 Departure: 126.65 Approach: 126.65 Center: 118.77 From: "Runways.txt": COM: Type = 8 (APPROACH), Freq = 118.57, Name = "MANCHESTER RADAR" COM: Type = 8 (APPROACH), Freq = 119.52, Name = "MANCHESTER RADAR" COM: Type = 8 (APPROACH), Freq = 121.35, Name = "MANCHESTER DIRECTOR" COM: Type = 1 (ATIS), Freq = 121.97, Name = "EGCC" COM: Type = 1 (ATIS), Freq = 128.17, Name = "EGCC" COM: Type = 7 (CLEARANCE), Freq = 121.70, Name = "MANCHESTER" COM: Type = 5 (GROUND), Freq = 121.70, Name = "MANCHESTER" COM: Type = 5 (GROUND), Freq = 121.85, Name = "MANCHESTER" COM: Type = 5 (GROUND), Freq = 125.37, Name = "MANCHESTER" COM: Type = 6 (TOWER), Freq = 118.62, Name = "MANCHESTER" COM: Type = 6 (TOWER), Freq = 119.40, Name = "MANCHESTER" A "new" development is: I start TUT 1, KDSM and make this an uncontrolled airport. THEN item 4-5 works FINE !!! ??? I can ask FSS for a CLR. and he/she are requested to indicate a TAXI / RWY etc.! It seems more and more that RC4.3 works well. But RC4.3 cannot make the "switch" to an FSS CLR (in the air or on the ground). WHAT (PC) info does this controller NEED is the question he/she does NOT get ... Are those still FSX: Frequencies, or AIRAC, or FSUIPC, or saved files with ";" or with "Ctrl-Shft;" ... Greetings from Guus.
  10. Hi, Again, thanks for your responses. I will put together the "Scenery DataBase" as well as possible. I understand that continuing within the forum provides a more complete picture for others. No problem. [Hopefully with a good ending ...]. Maybe others also have interesting additions ! Thanks for the "MakeRwys" update link ! I still had an old version. I also understand that it must be difficult for you to give advice about software that you do not use. I am very happy with what you are telling me! Actually the problems are getting bigger ... The "fsAearodata" update for FSX from NavAids 2005 to 2019 has now made ALL the VORs "invisible" ... So for now just put the old DataBase back ... I will focus more on why my previously saved flights within RC4.3 work well, and the new ones don't work. I tried to make a completely new IFR flight with RC4.3 to see if the problem is related to KDRO. A flight in a Cessna 172 within Denmark. However with the same problems. Items 4 - 5 do not work ! And AGAIN, I now believe that the "4" constant message in the green "Single Line Message" indicates an error message !!! I just have to sleep 1 night to processing ALL those "Set Backs without" a real solution. Those are difficult for me ... Greetings, Guus.
  11. Hi Ray, Thank you for your detailed explanations ! I am busy with the / your various possibilities, but it is getting only worse and worse !!! TUT 8 is not working properly. Not even in the sky after airborn. ! Only "2-WX" works well. All the scenery files around KDRO are indeed VERY many ! In FSX there is no runway 02 and 20 anymore, but 03 and 21 ... The airport is now about 10 feet lower then the rest ... I catch finding what scenery I can use best. "Runways.txt" is OK ! I don't know what you mean by "the Last Entry", so I send several. * ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_AEC\scenery\AEC_KDRO.bgl * Airport KDRO N37:09:05.4377 W107:45:13.5698 6650ft FSM A/P KDRO, lat=37.151516, long=-107.753769, alt=6650 * Airport KDRO N37:09:05.4377 W107:45:13.5698 6683ft Runway 3 /21 centre: N37:09:05.4377 W107:45:13.5650 6683ft Computed start 3 : Lat 37.141476 Long -107.763365 Computed start 21 : Lat 37.161549 Long -107.744172 Hdg: 37.310 true (MagVar 11.700), ASPHALT, 9201 x 150 ft Primary ILS: IDRO 109.10 , Flags: GS BC * ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\ABP_KDRO.bgl * ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\scenery\ADE_FTX_FTXG_KDRO_CVX.bgl * ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\scenery\FTX_FTXG_KDRO_objects.bgl What is the best way to compare "Vectors" with? With Landclass or Mesh or ..... This link http://c-aviation.net/fsx-scenery-library-order-orbx-global/ is OK but is different from what I have used over the past 20 years ... A positive message is that previously saved RC4.3 files from, for example, TUT 2, RC4.3 COMPLETELY WORKS !!! All functions, buttons, commands etc. work as it should be ! You will hear from me. We can also maintain private email contact. Guus.
  12. Hi Ray, Thanks for your help. First of all, forget my possible error about that "item 4". I found out that it has nothing to do with this problem ! It just was the last charater of the "Display Text" that says the QNH 29.9 4 . The 4 at a new line ... I have 5 Scenery items involving KDRO. -------------------------------------------------- 0202 Base C:\FSX\Scenery\0202\scenery\APX19180.bgl --------------------------------------------------- ORBX!VECTOR_APT C:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\APT_KDRO.bgl -------------------------------------------------- FTX_ZZ_GLOBAL_AIRPORTS C:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\Scenery\ADE_FTX_FTXG_KDRO.BGL ------------------------------------------------ FSAD_Approaches D:\fsAerodata Files\Navigation Data\FSX\PROC\scenery\KDRO.BGL ------------------------------------------------- FSAD_Comms D:\fsAerodata Files\Navigation Data\Comms\scenery\FSAD_comms.BGL -------------------------------------------------- And yes I updated FSX database (again) with "fsAaerodata" to AIRAC 1906 also updated LittleNavMap and last-but-not-least RC4.3 "Rebuild Scenery DB". I use "REX SkyForce", "FS Real Time" and ASE [Weather Generator]. I (still) use FSX "Settings - Controls" instead of "FSUIPC - Buttons and Switches". I will check more in detail if there could be a "Clash" in keyboard definitions somewhere. Tomorrow I will fly your example-flight KCRO[02] - KPVU and will see what happens after 4 NM ... So leaving without CLR = only VFR VMC. Your choice was "5- CLR in air" I suppose. Regards, Guus.
  13. Hi Ray, Thank you for your response ! At "f4.csv" I found only 1 item from "KDRO" [KDRO, Durango-La Plata Co, 0,0,0,0,122.8,0,0,0], and not 6 as in your example. I don't understand things !? KDRO is a UNcontrolled airport without any transmitting installations. This is also confirmed with the "Controller Info". A telephone connection has no transmission range. (FSX thinks so?!). What I [Unfortunately] noticed today is that MANY MORE items do not work for me! "7-to-acknowlidge" and "CS / to tepeat" and "1-CLR by CD on 13415" (TUT 1) etc. I checked "Keyboard Definitions" and that was OK. It seems that my RC4.3 has problems finding and executing the items. Guus.
  14. Hi Ray, Thank you so much for your comment !!! I really appreciate this! Why do you think it's a VFR flight ? It is TUT 8 "KDRO - KPVU (KSLC)", an IFR flight. A VFR flight can only be started in the FSX Flight Planner, isn't it ? RC4.3 cannot determine at any other location whether it is a VFR or IFR flight, isn't it ! The problem started when I made a flight within Iceland. As a "check flight" I have ao. TUT 8 taken. This is also a flight from an "Uncontrolled" airport. It may indeed be an OS "Problem" because the problem did not occur before. I have changed some settings of FSUIPC 4,974. Maybe that is a cause?! What also happens is that the "Green message bar [single line message] indicates the number 4! This is also the menu item for" 4-CLR by FSS " ! Is this an (internal) error message ? If I press the " 1 or 3 " button, I get the message" N / A ". This is correct because those items are not there. However, if I press 4 or 5, then nothing happens ... (similarly if items 7, 8, 9, 0. This is also correct because those items are not there.) SO ONLY the items that I need DO NOT work (except item "2-FSS WX" , which works) ... Greetings, Guus.
  15. RC4.3 PLUS FSX Acceleration reinstalled today ... With no possibility I get the options "4-CLR by FSS" and / or "5-CLR in Air" working !? The only thing that works is "2-FSS WX". At first I thought it was my (first time) AIRAC update to 1906, but now with a "Clean" FSX (with original FSX AIRAC) no success either. Also read the manual 34 x ... If I have telephoned FSS for the Wx, you can immediately (once you have determined the departure runway) call FSS again for your CLR ! Or in the sky. Is it not ! My creativity is exhausted! Can someone help me .... Please Sincerely, Guus.
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