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  1. T2G confirmed to me that they expect to release KMCO for P3D V4/5 soon. Badly needed scenery.
  2. IniBuilds has released V2 of their Paris CDG Dynamic LIghting for the new P3D V4/V5 version. It looks great, download here; https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/831-taxi2gate-paris-charles-de-gaulle/
  3. Update - The config manager seems to be making a mess of the scenery. If you change 3D Grass to off, the issue occurs but reselecting on doesn't correct the problem. Manually switching all Grass BGL's from OFF to ON fixes the problem, obviously meaning 3D Grass must be on - This should be fixed shortly. Some others may have noticed bleed through in Terrain, I noticed this at T1 where the grass surrounding the T1 terminal can show bleed in certain locations, another user shared an image of some bridges leaving a lot to be desired. They are looking at this now as I supplied images of the problem and my P3D settings. Good to see T2G looking at these problems, despite another user’s dismissal of issues having a good stable product does wonders for a company’s reputation especially at a Mega Airport like CDG, I won't hesitate to purchase future updates as a result.
  4. Back to the drawing board with the issue of missing central infrastructure and Terminal K, even after applying the fix the issue remains (With either 3D Grass OFF or ON). T2G investigating for those suffering from the same issue.
  5. Taxi2Gate just got in contact and confirmed it was an error on their side caused by selecting 3D Grass to off, they will be updating the Installer shortly for all (I turn off 3D Grass to ensure stable performance). Hopefully inibuilds will be along soon with the DL update. 🙂
  6. I'm using P3D V5, ORBX no longer has the Airport Elevation Correction app. However, after running Help in the ORBX Menu which usually detecs elevation issues this remains uncorrected. I should point out that in previous P3D V4 sceneries that requried you to run the Airport Elevation Correction, none of these require this in V5 with ORBX as it auto detects.
  7. Apparently having a scenery like this is considered nit-picking lol.
  8. Can you actually look at the picture instead of typing up random statements that benefit noone?
  9. I'm the same here, I found an email and sent off the issue so hopefully I hear back, should I, I will communicate it here. Yep, set it to FTX in the config program and the result was as shown seems an error on their side.
  10. Honestly such a stupid comment. If you pay for a product you pay for a functional one, take a look at my screenshot. Be happy with a non-functioning product? What era do you live in?
  11. Yup, I’ve found if I say Is up it’s detected but doesn’t register as a command however saying up is registered as off, I have added both words to the dictionary but it doesn’t seem to be able to register Up it’s the only voice issue I have. In my company there is no such announcement by the PM to the cabin during these stages of flight it would be a nice feature :)
  12. Thanks adding ''gear up'' in speech dictionary fixed this 🙂 When a future update is planned, could you possibly add an alternative command ''Is up'' in addition to ''Up'' for the gear challenge in the after TO checklist? Everything work's flawlessly on my end but it struggles a bit with this only challenge. Also, if we could disable PA's Cabin Crew seats for TO and for Landing would be really appreciated! Thanks for this great Addon Bryan 🙂
  13. Hello I'm currently running v1.7 Shortly after rotation, without any voice command fs2crew skips from init climb to after takeoff checklist - It's now no longer possible to retract gear or flaps using fs2crew.
  14. Hello, With latest update SOP3 ten checks doesn't work for Climb/Descent - The FO announces Altimeteres passing FL330 for some reason.
  15. Thanks Bryan, just to correct myself the call Cabin Advised in both TO and Landing checklists remains as depicted.
  16. Hi Bryan, Could the FO calling the cabin for secure instead of announcing Crew seats for TO become an option? Also, a possibility to recycle the Seat Belt sign before being switched to ON at 10,000ft during descent to alert cabin crew that it's 10 minutes to landing. An option exists to recycle the smoking sign at climb and descent phases at 10K but this is slightly different. Finally, could the FO call cabin secure at the inserted FAP by checking ECAM doors option (can't reveal much further) It would require that the checklist be amended from Cabin Crew ____ (Advised) to Cabin _____ (Secure) for both prior to takeoff and for the landing checklist. This is the procedure used at a green airline. Many thanks for this great product 🙂
  17. I suddenly have terrible performance with MK Studios DUB. Between 14fps and 0 with lots of freezing especially on approach. For comparison I get 30FPS stable at EGKK with the FSL A321X. I don't use ORBX IRL just ORBX EU. Anyone have similar issues?
  18. Hi all, I've updated this AFCAD to have correctly aligned ILS frequencies - However the PAPI's are now off. Could anyone help me with this, or even edit it for me to function correctly ? https://ufile.io/chqwukgo Thanks
  19. I have 1.2 but the white variation still has brown textures how do you change ?
  20. Is it possible to do this yet?
  21. Can we please get an Aer Lingus Regional (opby Stobart Air), ATR72-600?
  22. Has been CI15 for a few months now, from a fellow EI FO.
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