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  1. If you have an Nvidia card, go into GeForce Experience under Settings and turn on In-Game Overlay. Click the settings button for that and then click HUD layout. Click FPS Counter and put it in the position on the screen to the right where you want it (top left, top right, etc...).
  2. Mine's below minimum spec with an i5-3570K and it will run around 15-25 FPS @ 1920x1080. I have a GTX 1060 6GB card as well (plus 16 GB DDR3), setting the detail level down to low or medium doesn't make much difference so I leave it on high. I'm pretty sure the CPU is the bottleneck, it's pretty old but at least I can get a taste of the game with Game Pass Ultimate. Hoping it runs good on the Xbox Series X.
  3. Had a similar issue this morning, parking brakes would release but the plane still wouldn't move. Restarted the flight and that resolved it. Not sure what the deal was.
  4. I'll play it on both, to see which is the better experience. I have a ~5 year old PC, but also an Xbox One X which I suspect is faster than my PC. I have Game Pass Ultimate through July 2021, so it should be included on both platforms. But it's coming to PC first I think?
  5. I was a Game Pass naysayer at first, totally opposed to renting games. But after trying the 3 month deal for $1 on Xbox a few months back I'm sold on the idea. I get to try so many games I would have never bought before. But it's sort of like Netflix - games can leave when you're in the middle of playing one. Also the DLC usually isn't included, so for Flight Simulator we might get the base game on Game Pass with no DLC at all. So you'll still end up buying add-ons for it, but you don't own the game and once your subscription runs out you've got worthless DLC unless you buy the game or keep subscribing. It will be interesting to see if they control the DLC like they did with Flight or allow 3rd party devs to sell DLC on the platform.
  6. Can't wait to play this on my Xbox One X on the big screen in 4K. The graphics in the trailer look amazing!
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