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  1. Woaw. Sorry if my commets hurts somebody. Im really grateful about the FBW job of course. They are really great. It was only a comment about something that hopefully has to be fixed. Thanks
  2. And, is the text is too small. Isn't it? I have a 43 inch TV and even with the maximun zoom, the route indication are almost impossible to read. I think that they focus on design and not on really use it.
  3. Hi! I have a "problem" because I don't see the icon of my airplane on the map of the EFB. Anyone with this problem? Thanks!
  4. Hi, There will be a chapter with the focus on the A321. What about the A320neo? The ones that only fly the A320neo FBW of MSFS are interesting in the difference. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have just installed v1.6 and now I haven't the indication that I can start the engines. All the other indications still the same but not this one. Could you help me.
  6. Hi Ben, I love the airliner line of products (I have bought Q400, 777 and 320) but I really love airport2sim line. I have enjoyed a lot amsterdam and greek island because you really learn how to fly in these airports. Hop you can produce some more aiports (big ones line LFPG or EGLL) but little and interesting ones also. Great job!
  7. Hi, There are some parking positions at some airports (for example Parking 1 at GCGM) that when you call for pushback start make that msfs crash. I don't know what is the problem but happens a lot in some parking positions. Someone experience the same? Thanks
  8. Yes, but that break the inmersion that you have. I am thinking also with future VR, when do it this inside VR will be not easy. Thanks!
  9. Yes, but with voice control, how can I do this? Thanks
  10. Hi, Is possible that the flight control check will be optional? In the real world is a important thing to do. But in the sim world I would like to be an optional step, because, personally i prefer not to do it. Of course if is an optional stuff all of us can activate or not. Thanks is advanced!
  11. Av. Pag is Page Down. I tryed with D and is the same.
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