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  1. Go to windows settings»Apps and there uninstall "Microsoft Flight Simulator plugin" with logitech thumbnail.
  2. www.meteoblue.com They are the company that provide weather to MSFS. their site has an amazing interactive map with everything you can imagine about word weather.
  3. You don't have to. Just run GFDevFSX.exe once on cockpit and you are ready to go. I don't have any sim other than MSFS and it works.
  4. To me and a to alot of people that don't have FSX, the GpFflight software doesn't install GFDevFSX.exe and it took a long time for me to find a download link. For those who have GFDevFSX.exe, you obviously don't need my link.
  5. I have GF-166 radio module and is finally working in MSFS without any external software. Not only buttons but displays aswell. I don't have any other flight simulator installed. Just MSFS. Instructions: -Install Goflight software and put GFDevFSX.exe (*1) in main goflight software folder. -Start MSFS and enter flight. -When on cockpit, just manually start GFDevFSX.exe and thats it. Displays lights up with in game freqs and everything is working. I supose it should work with other modules. (*1) I uploaded GFDevFSX.exe to mediafire. It should work because I had to external downloaded myself. http://www.mediafire.com/file/swthkkaux30f8wu/GFDevFSX.exe/file
  6. [SOLVED] Thanks Novation, uninstalling nvidia drivers and a clean install from that site, solves my problem. I still have a couple of FPS less than previous patch, but the diference now is accectable and Rdrthread values are back to previous patch numbers, around 10 to 15ms. The image quality, clouds mainly, is worst than before but I guess thats another problem.
  7. HighTowers, I don't know if you've read my post but what you are talking about has nothing to do with this problem. I had 35 FPS and now I have 20/ 25 and even if I put all settings no minimum, AA included. Problem remains. The second thread, the "Rdrthread", is out of charts on my system as it is with some other people systems, but not on all people. Normal value on this thread is is way lower than main thread but in my system is sometimes three times, main thread value. And this is not normal. It was not as it use to be and still isn't to alot of people. I understand that with increase quality comes less FPS. And I suspect that majority of people here understands that, so please, unless you have some to contribute the this problem, stop make excuses with some basic clichés. Guys, we aren't talking about some small decrese of FPS due to better visuals. We are talking about a real problem that doesn't happen with everybody. And as I said, I've done a clean install so mods or skins aren't the problem.
  8. I post this on official MSFS forum. "I'm having a huge FPS drop with this patch. Same GPU drivers and same settings. With ingame FPS counter, I've notice an huge ms increase in "Rdrthread". Was consistent less than 15ms and now is almost 40ms and sometimes go to 60ms. And GPU ms also increase. Was under 30ms and now is always above 35ms and some times near 40ms. (I know that these screenshots aren't exactly the same but results are consistent all over the board.) screenshots before patch: Today, after patch: Clouds quality alse decrease by alot. Outside cockpit seems like an ultra strong fake sharpen effect. Two crops from my real resolution (3440x3440) showing clouds. Click on pictures to see full size. old cloud. new cloud. I really hope this gets fixed soon." I tried with all antialiasing options and same result. I also set all graphic options to minimum or disable on those with that option and same problem. It doesn't seems to be a graphic option trigering this. Rolling cache deleted and disable aswell. And this was on a clean install of the game. Yes, I even reinstalled from zero and problem persists. I have a GTX1060 and same problem with old and new drivers that were released yesterday. On Nvidia control panel I have antialiasing controlled by application and FXAA disabled.
  9. CTD here. Comunity folder is and was empty before install. Nvidia 1060 and windows store. I tried to remove logitech plugin, just in case. But I only removed this plugin after install. Game crash after menu apear. Hope they fix this soon.
  10. I've made mine using Leobodnar USB interface board and an heavy duty, dust proof potentiometer also from Leobodnar shop. Used some old toys gears and some scrap wood and everything under 40 euros. I have a 12 bit trim wheel that is better than almost every trim wheel I could buy and much cheaper. And if you want, you could do it much better looking than mine. And I still have 7 axis and 12 buttons input in my USB interface to use.
  11. This is a MSFS bug already confirmed on TrackIR official forum by their staff. Asobo is already aware of this and it seems a fix is on the way. The question is when. This has nothing to do with bad design or limitation of MSFS2020 designers' understanding of the modern view systems.
  12. Hi all! Is it possible to setup an online session on v4, where clients can start their flight on diferent airports from the one I choose as an host? If I remember correctly, on P3D v3 there was an option to allow this but on v4 I can't find nothing. I tried with a friend and his plane is allways on same airport as mine, no mater the location he chooses. Thanks.
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