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  1. In FS9.cfg file make sure Cloud Coverage Density is set to 12 instead of the default 8 setting. This will make clouds overcast. Hope this helps you.
  2. Flightsimmers.....years ago I purchased the PMDG B1900D for FS9. I have enjoyed this aircraft very much and still fly it. I was never able to purchase the B1900C model. Now, after searching the PMDG web page I find they have nothing for FS9 anymore. Is there anyone out there that could send me the “C” model of this aircraft. I would be happy to send my copy of the “D” model in exchange. Thanks- PSS Dash 8.
  3. I tried your contact points and the aircraft nose dived into the ground. I don’t know what happened. I copied and pasted your 0, 1, and 2 contact points into the Erick Cantu 737-200 model and it just didn’t work. It’s ok though. I tweaked the settings to the point where the aircraft sits level on the ground and it flies very nicely. Thank you for responding. Happy Flying PSS Dash 8
  4. The nosewheel does not appear to be sunk in the ground. The aircraft I am using is by Erick Cantu. I downloaded it from Flightsim.com. The file name is N246US.zip. I found that by tweaking the landing gear contact points, both nose and main gears that the aircraft now sits more level on the ground. I don’t know if Erick Cantu intended the plane to sit the way it does from the download, but I am much happier now that I have completed my tweaks. Thank you for responding. Let me know what you think of the plane after you download it and install into your sim. Best regards, PSS Dash 8
  5. Is it me or has anyone else noticed that Erick Cantu’s 737-200 has a low nose while parked on the tarmac. Is this the way 737-200’s are supposed to sit while on the ground? The aircraft appears to be slanted downhill towards the nose gear. I don’t know if this is an error in the static pitch entry in the aircraft config file or what? I like Cantu’s aircraft but this leaning on the nose gear is frustrating. Hope someone responds with more info on this. PSS Dash 8
  6. Fellow flight simmers. The other day I found dxtfixerx 2.3 on Avsim. I downloaded it, ran it and was amazed that I could do a complete flight with no stutters. From start up, taxi, takeoff, flight, landing and taxi phases I did not notice one stutter. This program searches for missing alpha channels and fixes them when it does. It runs very quickly and lets you know that all your files are good. So glad I found this! I can enjoy fs9 even more now. Happy flying everyone!
  7. Does anyone have any files that improve the flight handling of Mike Stone’s FH-227? I got the aircraft from the Cal Classic web site. I wish it flew like the F27 models do. Any replies will be appreciated. PSS Dash 8
  8. There is a fix to these stutters. Just read the post on it from IRISH JIM on the tactical post. Eric Hutchinson
  9. Gentlemen......finally after years of putting up with the annoying atc and pilot voice stutters in FS9 I have finally got the problem resolved. I read on a Tactical Thread that was posted that the cause of this stutters is in Windows. Here is the FIX! Go to Start, and then in the RUN command type MSCONFIG. Click on Services Tab. Look for Multimedia Class Scheduler. Uncheck the check box next to it. Now...go to START and in the RUN command type REGEDIT. Go into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SYSTEM-Current Control Set-Services-AudioSRV. Click on AudioSRV. On the right side of the window there is a list. Double click on Dependonservice. After it is open, delete the MMCSS entry, nothing else. Leave the other 2 entries there. Restart your computer and take a flight. The stutters from ATC and Pilot voices will be gone. Thanks to a post by IRISH JIM who discovered this fix. It is the Holy Grail regarding this issue. Hope others can benefit from it.
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