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  1. The two modules in question are the MCDU (PROVersion) & Desktop FCU (PROVersion). They’ve both been bought directly from Skalarki in June of 2019 hence why they are both in a completely new state. Both units are equipped with 12V amber backlighting. Initially Skalarki sent me the wrong FCU unit and as a result I also have the backplate for the FCU, which enables you to slide it into a Main Instrument Panel (MIP) somewhere down the line, should you choose to expand your collection. In addition to the two core modules, I’ve also purchased everything you require to use them in a desktop environment. This includes: - Extra long USB cable for the MCDU - VGA to HDMI adapter for the MCDU - Two required PSU’s for the MCDU These, as well as the backplate, are naturally included as well. Shipping is available to most places. The two items have been put up for sale on Facebook for €1500. Bid here, via PM, Discord (Shepred#1365) or Facebook.
  2. Shepred

    FSXGenius FSX Flight School Videos

    I'm fairly certain it got taken down along with his YouTube account.
  3. Robert, In truth my initial comment was never meant in a sarcastic or indignifying manner, if you found it to be so, then I do apologise, it is nothing but the way we speak within my social circle. My follow-up comment was written, in my view, in a tone which matched the reply I had received. Before I go on, let me mention that I am aware the update has now been released (downloaded it straight after.. runs very well within SE), and thus this conversation / discussion is somewhat irrelevant - therefore I shall do my best to round it off. You are absolutely correct that I am not "informed" on the topic, but the only way to become informed is, in this regard, by asking questions. Which I did, and I stand by asking questions when something does not add up (which this, in all honesty, didn't). So, in conclusion: Miscommunication. My question has been answered to a satisfiable degree, and I won't waste your time any longer. I do however hope that in the future, the producing and distributing partners would coordinate their public statements slightly better. ... And don't worry, everybody hates meetings ^_^
  4. Well it wasn't really, was it? You posted this Thursday, stating that the files had been sent to Aerosoft. Mathijs then posted this Friday, at the closure of their office, stating that they had received nothing. In other words: Mathijs posted a day after you allegedly sent the files to them, claiming they still hadn't received anything. And yes, I did. But I am not enquiring about a release. I am merely asking why Aerosoft, a day after you sent them (not the customers) the files, says they've received nothing? That is what I'd like to have answered. Why you feel the need reply in such a manner, well, that I must admit is beyond me. EDIT: Just re-read this. Excuse me if I'm wrong here, but are you telling me, that Mathijs, an administrator at Aerosoft, is either misinformed or lying/not telling the truth/giving an easy answer with regards to the update? If the answer to that question is yes (which I in all honesty do not believe), then no, I did not stop to think that one of the two most well known brands within this hobby would turn around and lie/not tell the truth/give an easy answer to their customers. That is not a conclusion anyone should have to draw.
  5. Source. Ehm... whelp? Would anyone clarify, please?
  6. Shepred

    Do you know any good LOWI to EGKK routes?

    Hey! A general tip: For European routes, VATroute has most CFMU validated routes available. If not, PFPX will generate them for you, or Vroute may have some in their database. Here's what VATroute gave me for LOWI-EGKK: ADILO Y703 MOGTI UP66 KPT UL608 DENUT UL610 KOPUL. Hope that helps you.
  7. Shepred

    CTP Scenery

    You should probably contact the developers with that question. Usually FlyTampa is very approachable, and so is Aerosoft. I am unsure about FSDreamTeam and FlightBeam, but I guess it's worth a shot.
  8. Sure! NVIDIA Inspector: Prepar3d V2.5: CFG Tweaks: [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.1 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=84 Hope this helps you :-)
  9. I'm not sure what to tell you: I'm running a 4790k @ 4.6 GHz with a GTX 970. Getting a solid 30-40 FPS in the PMDG 777 (P3D 2.5).
  10. Completely forgot FlightBeam - they're top notch too. .. As good as they are, though, I am fairly certain they never did LAX
  11. My list: FlyTampa: Dubai FlyTampa: Copenhagen FlyTampa: Montreal FlyTampa: Toronto Aerosoft: Mega Airport London Heathrow X (Great on performance when you consider the area it's located within) ... And yes, I do like FlyTampa. They all deliver brilliant performance along with excellent quality.
  12. On a test flight around CPH.. Let's see how P3D performs.
  13. Approaching CPH as UAE151. And departing off 22R, heading for DXB as UAE152.
  14. That's what you get for not reading the thread properly. Sorry!