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  1. Robert, In truth my initial comment was never meant in a sarcastic or indignifying manner, if you found it to be so, then I do apologise, it is nothing but the way we speak within my social circle. My follow-up comment was written, in my view, in a tone which matched the reply I had received. Before I go on, let me mention that I am aware the update has now been released (downloaded it straight after.. runs very well within SE), and thus this conversation / discussion is somewhat irrelevant - therefore I shall do my best to round it off. You are absolutely correct that I am not "informed" on the topic, but the only way to become informed is, in this regard, by asking questions. Which I did, and I stand by asking questions when something does not add up (which this, in all honesty, didn't). So, in conclusion: Miscommunication. My question has been answered to a satisfiable degree, and I won't waste your time any longer. I do however hope that in the future, the producing and distributing partners would coordinate their public statements slightly better. ... And don't worry, everybody hates meetings ^_^
  2. Well it wasn't really, was it? You posted this Thursday, stating that the files had been sent to Aerosoft. Mathijs then posted this Friday, at the closure of their office, stating that they had received nothing. In other words: Mathijs posted a day after you allegedly sent the files to them, claiming they still hadn't received anything. And yes, I did. But I am not enquiring about a release. I am merely asking why Aerosoft, a day after you sent them (not the customers) the files, says they've received nothing? That is what I'd like to have answered. Why you feel the need reply in such a manner, well, that I must admit is beyond me. EDIT: Just re-read this. Excuse me if I'm wrong here, but are you telling me, that Mathijs, an administrator at Aerosoft, is either misinformed or lying/not telling the truth/giving an easy answer with regards to the update? If the answer to that question is yes (which I in all honesty do not believe), then no, I did not stop to think that one of the two most well known brands within this hobby would turn around and lie/not tell the truth/give an easy answer to their customers. That is not a conclusion anyone should have to draw.
  3. Can I just say many, many thanks! I've been saving up a Nvidia card for a long time, to replace my AMD 6870. Now, I do not have to, your settings worked out perfect for me. Now i'm running with wonderful graphics, and a rock solid 30 FPS. Here's a screenshot of my new graphics: Once again, many thanks! :good:
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